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James Barker - Transcendigital. Greater Denver Area, CO, US

James Barker

Black Belt Instructor | Transcendigital

Greater Denver Area, CO, UNITED STATES

Digital Marketing Strategist





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James W. Barker is US Navy veteran and digital communications technologist, with over 30 years of experience within the advertising, communications and software development industries. He is Co-founder and President of Transcendigital, a seasoned digital marketing services agency, where he directs successful campaigns for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

Mr. Barker possesses a strong visual artistic sense, an understanding of branding, and the ability to use technology to make the vision come alive creatively with a true mastery of digital marketing media. He fundamentally understands the need to create the brand story and is laser focused on what is required to get businesses "there" in digital media. James began his career with decorated service in U.S. Naval communications technologies and micro-engineering and repair with NASA. Later he served in both ownership and leadership roles at digital services and traditional advertising agencies, including Outrider North America, a WPP company, where he was VP of Online Customer Development Services.

On the personal side, Mr. Barker tends to be a renaissance man with interests including: martial arts, photography, high country hiking, illustrative art and writing. He is also a Wood Badge trained BSA Scoutmaster. As an avid martial artist, James has taught self defense martial arts to both adults and youth, as well as Tai Chi and cardio bokken to adults. He holds his Black belt in Kenpo Karate and was rated 29th in the world (24th in the nation) for martial arts weapons handling in 2002. As a writer, you can find his works in the digital marketing industry trade publications and his poetry archived and published by the International Library of Poetry.

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Areas of Expertise (2)

Digital Marketing

Next Step Marketing

Accomplishments (2)

Black Belt - Kempo (personal)

Promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt.

USN Service (professional)

Honorable Discharge

Education (6)

United States Navy: N/A, Electronics/Communications 1985

1979-1985. Honorable Discharge.

Central Oregon Community College: AS, Computer Science 1990

NASA: Micro/Miniature Engineering, Electronic Engineering 1981

Citation for Excellent Performance

United States Navy: Communications Technology, USN Class C 1981

Citation for Academic Excellence

United States Navy: A/N SXQ8 Pilot Briefing System, USN Class C 1981

Citation for Academic Excellence

United States Navy: Electronics, USN Class A 1980

Affiliations (2)

  • United States Navy
  • Advertising Club of Connecticut

Testimonials (3)

Gary Decavage, President | Promo Marketing

I have nothing but good things to say about Jim's work. He has had a reliable answer and productive advise on everything we've worked on together, as well as for an organization we're both involved with.

Patrick Dugan, Creative Director | Adams & Knight

Jim always gave our integrated advertising campaigns even more "legs" with smart, creative strategies for extending them to the web and interactive arenas. While many digital partners can be intimidating to clients, Jim and his crew know how to "speak interactive" in plain English, in easy-to-understand ways that make sense...and more importantly, make a difference to results and the bottom line

David Francoeur, Marketing Director | FLIR Systems

James Barker is an excellent marketing person with substantive digital marketing experience. Anyone interested in improving their website or search engine rankings would be well advised to speak with him.

Event Appearances (1)

Integrated Digital Marketing

eMarketing Conference  Boston, MA

Sample Talks (1)

Integration of on and offline marketing

Learn how to reach otherwise elusive consumers, utilizing digital marketing on the Web to jumpstart overall cross-media campaign results when offline ad returns begin to diminish “by reaching the same consumer in a complementary environments, through multiple touch points, and environments where they live."



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