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James Feldman - Shift Happens!®. Chicago, IL, US

James Feldman

Keynote Speaker & CEO | Shift Happens!®


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Jim Feldman is a keynote business and motivational speaker who is not only entertaining and humorous, but also delivers valuable content, real-world examples and creative solutions that your audience can use in their business and personal lives. He teaches about Change Management (Shift Happens!), Customer Service & Innovative Problem Solving.

Jim is not only a professional speaker, but also a businessman, author and serial entrepreneur who has created and sold several businesses. Being a business owner and consultant, he deals with the same issues as your company or organization. He's not merely talking about these issues and providing tips and tricks, but also practicing them.

He customizes each presentation to meet your needs by researching your business and competition to learn your points of pain and growth opportunities. He is consistently rated the best speaker are conferences and meetings by the audience and meeting planners. He was also named one of the Top 100 Motivators of the Last 100 Years by Incentive Magazine.

Industry Expertise (1)

Corporate Leadership

Areas of Expertise (4)


Problem Solving

Change Management

Customer Service

Accomplishments (2)

Inventor of (professional)

Invented a new watch winder, imported and created a company

Creator of Individual Travel Incentive Certificates (professional)

Jim created the first Individual Travel Incentive Certificates that are now used in hotels, resorts, cruises and airlines.

Education (3)

University of Illinois: MBA, Marketing

IIT Kent Law School at University of Notre Dame: Executive Development Seminars

Kansas State University: BA, English & Economics

Testimonials (5), |

Many more testimonials available at

Gerri Hopkins, Executive Director, Chairman of the Board | Incentive Federation, Inc

It is rare to find a speaker who fits all of a meeting planner’s expected qualifications. You not only fit all the qualifications, you far surpassed any expectations a meeting planner could ask for in a professional speaker.

Karen Smith-Pilkington, President | Kodak Professional Division

Jim Feldman is a master trainer, presenter and developer. I have had the pleasure of seeing him present ‘D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer!’ on two occasions (including the Kodak Professional Sales Meeting)…Both experiences were fabulous! Jim was engaging, entertaining, thought-provoking and down-to-earth. He mixed positive energies, humorous stories, memorable insights and practical improvement approaches.

Nancy DelBianco, Director of Professional Development | Educational Institute, American Hotel & Motel Association

This year’s event was huge success, due in large part to your time, talent and dedication in bringing an interesting and informative presentation to the attendees.

Ron Ciolek, Group Vice President | ABN AMRO Mortgage Group

Your use of personal experiences, wit and humor made for an entertaining yet relevant speech that our sales force can apply to their daily activities…You were definitely the right speaker and delivered the right message.

Event Appearances (1)

Jim has presented at hundreds of companies, meetings, etc.  International

Sample Talks (1)

Shift Happens! Thriving On Change

One of Jim’s most requested topics, Shift Happens! Thriving On Change is applicable to any size business. Jim demonstrates how to achieve better outcomes by evaluating the possibilities of new opportunities. This is a presentation that fosters a climate that is open to innovation and creativity.



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  • Host/MC
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  • Corporate Training


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