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James Ward - Cedar Crest College. Allentown, PA, US

James Ward James Ward

Professor/Director of the Honors Program, Department of History at Cedar Crest College | Cedar Crest College


Professor and Director of the Honors Program in the Department of History at Cedar Crest College



Professor James Ward, Ph.D., has authored numerous articles including history as represented in film, problems of history and memory, German history and politics, and the politics of culture. He has earned Cedar Crest’s Alumnae Teaching Award, which is presented annually by the College’s Alumnae Association. For the last two years he has taught an honors course titled, Zombies—From the Living Dead to the Posthuman.

“Men (and women) are free to act to shape their history. But now always in circumstances of their own choosing.” (Karl Marx).

Industry Expertise (5)

Education/Learning Writing and Editing Research Media - Print Entertainment

Areas of Expertise (4)

History and Memory History and Politics Politics of Culture Film and History

Education (3)

New York University: History, Ph.D.

New York University: History, M.A.

Middlebury College: History, B.A.

Affiliations (5)

  • American Historical Association
  • German Studies Association
  • Organization of Central European Historians
  • Popular Culture Association
  • Film and History Association

Languages (2)

  • German
  • English

Courses (1)

Zombies—From the Living Dead to the Posthuman.

Honors Course

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Articles (3)

“This is Germany! It's 1933!” Appropriations and Constructions of “Fascism” in New York Punk/Hardcore in the 1980s Wiley Online Library


Surely one of the surprises in post-Cold War political culture has been the emergence of violent racist and nationalist youth movements in Europe and America, some of them invoking the Third Reich and the Final Solution as cures for all contemporary ills...

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"Smash the Fascists..." German Communist Efforts to Counter the Nazis, 1930-31 Central European History


Central European History offers articles, review essays, and book reviews that range widely through the history of Germany, Austria, and other German-speaking regions of Central Europe from the medieval era to the present. All topics and approaches to history are welcome, whether cultural, social, political, diplomatic, intellectual, economic, and military history, as well as historiography and methodology. Contributions that treat new fields, such as post-1945 and post-1989 history, maturing fields such as gender history, and less-represented fields such as medieval history and the history of the Habsburg lands are especially desired. The journal thus aims to be the primary venue for scholarly exchange and debate among scholars of the history of Central Europe.

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Pipe Dreams or Revolutionary Politics? The Group of Social Revolutionary Nationalists in the Weimar Republic Journal of Contemporary History


For Germans seeking political engagement, the Weimar Republic offered a wide spectrum of creeds and ideologies. Perhaps the most controversial was National Bolshevism, a doctrine that combined militant nationalist rejection of the Versailles settlement with radical opposition to the capitalist social and economic order...

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