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J. Andrew Hansen - Western Carolina University. Cullowhee, NC, US

J. Andrew Hansen

Associate Professor | Western Carolina University






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Public Policy


Criminal Justice


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University of South Carolina-Columbia: M.A., Criminology and Criminal Justice

Affiliations (1)

  • American Journal of Criminal Justice : Editorial Board Member

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  • English

Articles (5)

Rural Victimization and Policing during the COVID-19 Pandemic

American Journal of Criminal Justice volume

2020 Rural criminal justice organizations have been overlooked by researchers and underfunded in the United States, exacerbating problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Access to victims’ services has been a longstanding issue in rural communities, but has become more difficult due to stay-at-home orders and changes in daily activities.

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Criminal and Deviant Behaviors among College Athletes in the United States

Routledge Handbook on Deviance

2017 This chapter examines the extent of criminality and deviance among college student-athletes and offers theoretical explanations for their behaviors. It focuses on college athletes in the United States. Criminality and deviance among college student-athletes in the United States have been the subjects of media headlines for decades.

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Present but Not Prevalent

Translational Criminology in Policing

2022 The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is perhaps the most prominent advocate for such partnerships. Problems confronting public institutions have become more complex in recent years. A number of fields and disciplines have recognized that one potential solution to address these concerns lies in the adoption of a ‘governance framework’ based on a process of shared responsibility among government institutions and stakeholders.

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Procedural Justice, Legitimacy, and School Principals’ Evaluations of School Resource Officers: Support, Perceived Effectiveness, Trust, and Satisfaction

Criminal Justice Policy Review

2015 Violence and active shooter situations in schools have been important issues to the public, policy makers, and scholars in recent years. School resource officers (SROs) are widely used in efforts to address school crime-related threats. Yet, little is known about the factors that influence key stakeholders’ (e.g., school principals) evaluations of such officers.

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Present but not prevalent: identifying the organizational correlates of researcher-practitioner partnerships in U.S. Law Enforcement

Police Practice and Research

2019 Federal funding streams, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and policing executives and scholars alike have advocated for more researcher-practitioner partnerships in American law enforcement. While a few studies have explored the growth and prevalence of research partnerships in policing, less attention has been placed on the organizational correlates of such collaborative relationships.

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