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Janey  Camp - Vanderbilt University. Nashville, TN, US

Janey Camp Janey  Camp

Research Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering | Vanderbilt University


Expert on climate change and interactions of nature and infrastructure.






Expert talks about smart changes needed to help infrastructure crisis Metcalf Institute Webinar: Janey Camp NELA Winner, Environment & Sustainability: Janey Camp



Camp's research work ranges from development of new methodologies for enterprise risk management to development of a spill management information system (SMIS 2.0) which links an advanced hydrodynamic and spill model with a geographic information system (GIS) interface. Camp is also interested in the impacts of climate change on civil infrastructure including freight transportation structures and facilities which led to her helping organize a national summit focused on this topic in June 2011 at Vanderbilt University.

Camp also sees the value of integrating GIS in pre-secondary education and is working with Metro Nashville Public Schools to integrate GIS into the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Academy curriculum. Another area of research focus is involved with include a study of the impacts and “true costs” of flooding from high intensity, short duration precipitation events as may be seen in the future due to climate change; the combination of social, ecological, and economic factors to measure consequences of such events; and land use management techniques and policies to manage flood events through mitigation or adaptation efforts.

Camp is one of several researchers involved in an interdisciplinary project to investigate the extent to which environmental stressors may prompt migration or adaptation in coastal low-lying areas; a project that combines risk management, GIS, environmental hazard mapping and modeling along with social science studies of human behavior and coupled human and nature interactions.

Camp is a licensed civil engineer in the state of Tennessee

Areas of Expertise (21)

Global Warming

Land use





flood management

Stem Education in High Schools

Infrastructure Management

Hydrologic and Hydrodynamic Modeling

Climate Change and the Impact on Flooding

Gis for Demographic Studies

Risk Management

Climate Change Adaptation

Human Behavior


coastal flooding



STEM curriculum

Climate Change

Accomplishments (7)

Certified Floodplain Manager

2017 to present

Hazus Certified Professional

2015 to present

Certified GIS Professional

2014 to present

Licensed Professional Engineer

2010 to present

2019 Outstanding Young Alumnus

Tennessee Technological University, presented by the Tennessee Tech Alumni Association (one of the highest honors bestowed on anyone by the University)

2018 ASCE Outstanding Reviewer

ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems

2018 Organization of Black Graduate and Professional Students (OBGAPS)

Distinguished Faculty Award, May 6, 2018

Education (3)

Vanderbilt University: Ph.D., Environmental Engineering 2009

Tennessee Technological University: M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering 2004

Tennessee Technological University: B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering 2002

Affiliations (6)

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)
  • American Water Resources Association (AWRA)
  • Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFM)
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
  • Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers (TSPE)

Selected Media Appearances (8)

This past winter in Nashville was unusually warm and rainy. And it looks like spring will be, too.

The Tennessean  online


"We're seeing longer warm periods, and that seasonality we're historically used to in Middle Tennessee is shifting. It's expanding into more months," said Janey Camp, research associate professor in civil and environmental engineering at Vanderbilt.

That means, experts say, that the roster of both ornamental and agricultural plants that thrive in Middle Tennessee and the Southeast may be changing from what previous generations knew.

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Saturated ground could cause foundation problems



When the ground can’t soak up the water, it’s got to go somewhere, that could easily be roads or basements.

An engineer from Vanderbilt University said flooding isn’t the only thing you should be watching out for.

“We may see more sinkholes develop,” said Janey Camp, an associate professor at Vanderbilt. “We also don’t think a lot about mudslides, but we may see some mudslide actions.”

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Sewage, storms and public health: How aging infrastructure hurts small Tennessee towns

Tennessean  online


Many of the systems have exceeded their useful life, which experts say is roughly 50 years. Some cities also are booming, adding residents and hardened surfaces that boost stormwater runoff, further taxing old sewer pipes. Experts warn that these overflows may be worsening as the climate continues to change.

“The systems weren’t designed to handle some of the extreme precipitation events we are having,” said Janey Camp, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Vanderbilt University.

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Florence puts South Carolina regions under tropical storm advisories for the first time ever

FOX News  online


Janey Camp, a research associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Vanderbilt University, warned of the impact the “deluge of precipitation” that comes along with hurricanes could bring to noncoastal areas.

“Hurricanes don’t move through like typical storm events; they are these massive events with a lot of rainfall, and sometimes they move fairly slowly once they make landfall and drop a lot of rain on communities that may not have infrastructure prepared to handle that,” Camp told Fox News.

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Explaining Accelerated Bridge Construction, the technique used for the collapsed Miami bridge

ABC News  online


Janey Camp, a research associate professor in civil engineering at Vanderbilt University, said that ABC methods have been "gaining more visibility" in the past decade and were used for 10 bridges in Tennessee a few years ago.

Camp explained that a signature of ABC methods is "really condensing the timeline" of bridge construction.

"Instead of closing traffic for long periods of time as you build all parts of the bridge on-site, you can reduce the impact to the traffic if you can build some parts off-site and then move them to the site and then put them in place," she said.

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Nashville needs to prepare for the flood of the future

Tennessean  online


The jarring images of floodwaters inundating the streets of Houston last summer bring back unpleasant memories of Nashville during the May 2010 flood.

While these memories are painful, the reality may be even tougher: It could happen again.

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Vanderbilt Students To Help Repair School In Guatemala

NewsChannel 5  tv


Most college students are enjoying their time off but some Vanderbilt University engineering majors are using their winter break to help others.

Professor Janey Camp has thought of everything. She's the student chapter adviser for Engineers Without Borders at Vanderbilt.

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Civil engineers give America's infrastructure a D+. Is that credible?

Christian Science Monitor  online


Among the 28 engineers who sorted through these numbers, several worked for private engineering firms that could benefit from greater infrastructure investment. But one of their colleagues, Janey Camp, didn't see a reason to question their motives, or the report's credibility.

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Selected Articles (3)

Assessing HOV lane Utilization and Occupancy rates in Tennessee Transportation Research Board 98th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board

Deo Chimba, Kevin Soloka, Janey Camp, Keefe Mulligan, Stefano Pellegrino, Brad Freeze, Jason Oldham


"This study evaluated the performance of existing HOV lanes in Tennessee as travel-time incentives for promoting carpooling and reducing congestion. While the overall person-moving capacity of the HOV lanes may be slightly higher than the general-purpose lanes, the travel–time incentives for legitimate HOV lanes users in Tennessee has been severely diminished by violators."

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Assessing Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Referral Patterns to a Tertiary Care Center: A Novel Approach Using Geographic Information System Mapping Disease of the Colon & Rectum

Molly M Ford, Janey V Camp, Timothy M Geiger, M Benjamin Hopkins, Roberta L Muldoon, Anna Prestwich, David C LaNeve, Alexander T Hawkins


"Patients and their family members with hereditary colorectal cancer require longitudinal follow-up that is best achieved through a dedicated program with a registry. However, referrals for these conditions remain poor."

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High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Detection System Testing Transportation Research Board

Deo Chimba, Janey Camp


"This study supports Tennessee Department of Transportation's (TDOT’s) evaluation of existing High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes as travel-time incentives for promoting carpooling and reducing congestion. While the overall person-moving capacity of the HOV lanes may be slightly higher than the general-purpose lanes, the travel–time incentives for legitimate HOV lanes users have been severely diminished by violators in Tennessee"

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