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Janice Romney - Awakening the New Women. Mesa, AZ, US

Janice Romney Janice Romney

Awakening the New Women


Healing, Transformation & Empowerment, Spiritual Element to Ending the Cycle of Domestic Violence





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Janice is an acclaimed speaker and inspirational voice for women. Since 2004, she has mentored women in crisis from spousal/partner abuse, and taught high school students the risks of teen dating violence.
Janice has been interviewed on National TV and on talk show radio across the country. She is well known for her powerful voice and devotion to empower women and change lives.
She brings hope and instills courage as an author, intuitive coach, woman, mother, and spiritual leader to everything she does. Janice passionately uses her ability to use energy to transform lives, empower women to discover their true calling, ignite the Light within, and live true to their divine nature. She loves to create opportunities for others to deeply experience what they are learning to be inspired, and to find their authentic voice.

Her story is one of HOPE, FAITH & LOVE.

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Norma, Excutive Dorector | Tucson's Center for Women and Children

Janice's voice is inspirational. As she spoke at our fundraiser for Tucson's Center for Women and Children, she brought to life the reality of the suffering among women and children. She speaks from the heart with such eloquence and truth; she touched the hearts of all those in attendance who gave her a standing ovation. Norma C. Director (Tucson's Center for Women and Children.)

Jen, School Nurse | Red Mountain High School

We were fortunate to have Janice speak to our students at Mountain View High School. She captivated the student’s attention. She was inspirational to these young students and many came to me after she left saying how she influenced them to change their behavior and to better their lives with healthier relationships. She was an amazing and powerful speaker with the ability to reach the hearts and understand the problems the youth were facing in regards to abusive relationships. Jen K. Nurse Mountain View High School

Bob, High School Teacher | Beaumont High School, Texas

Our students loved Janice as she took each one of them through the steps of an unhealthy, abusive relationship. She is inspirational with a gift to connect and communicate with the young students at Beaumont High School. Her beauty and grace inspired the students and many wrote letters of gratitude to her for spending time with them educating and helping those making better choices in their lives. Bob K Beaumont High School, Tx



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