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Jaqui Karr - NakedFood. Montreal, QC, CA

Jaqui Karr

Founder | NakedFood

Montreal, QC, CANADA

Gluten, Celiac, and Nutrition Expert, Author, Professional Speaker, Founder at NakedFood



A unique life story that will motivate any audience - Jaqui was told she would need to be on prescription medication forever after she triggered an autoimmune disease from consuming gluten. To live a “normal” life, Jaqui was told she would need to drink “pink goo” with every meal to digest her food and keep her alive.

Making a choice not to live in pain the rest of her life and NEVER to drink “pink goo” she applied her knowledge of nutrition to restore her health. She began the process of cleansing her blood, healing her damaged intestines, and strengthening her immune system.

She was well again within months and back to her strong athletic lifestyle within the year, all done naturally and… no pink goo!

She treated and healed herself focusing on the root cause of the disease – in this case gluten. This is where modern medicine traditionally falls short because doctors are taught only how to treat the symptoms with unnatural drugs like “pink goo”.

Today Jaqui shares her knowledge with people on five continents through her website, seminars, and books. She has helped thousands of people reach optimal health and enjoy life again.

It doesn’t matter if a person suffers from an autoimmune disorder or one of the myriad of other health issues that have reached pandemic levels due to poor diets and the world’s contaminated food and water supply — Jaqui has the answers to help you!

Jaqui’s love of life and knowing that we can enjoy it fully only when experiencing terrific health makes her one of the most powerful and inspirational speakers on the topic.

Jaqui states: “For anyone who is unwell or have doubts that they can completely heal and wake up feeling like a million dollars every day, they only need to look at me and know that it is absolutely possible”.

Jaqui Karr delivers a clear message that shifts lives by showing her audiences that “You need optimal health to have an optimal life!”

Jaqui’s rare combination of experiences makes her the perfect keynote speaker to share insights that will help everyone live a healthier happier life.

Jaqui’s message is powerful and inspiring. A message that we could all use right now! Her inspiring message of hope shows us how anyone with determination and a little nutrition knowledge can rise from the dead and live a fun, sexy, healthy, vital life.

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Joe Heller, CEO | Marketing Results!

“Jaqui makes eating great food to supercharge your body fun (and educational). She will share with you a little known secret -- what you need to do to supercharge your body to perform at the highest levels! It doesn't matter whether you're sitting at your desk in NYC or traveling the globe. Engage Jaqui to speak (coach) to your team, and I guarantee you'll take your performance up several notches. You'll learn how to out perform your competition, think clearer, be healthier, lose weight, and never have jet lag again. Bottom-line... you'll win more deals. Jaqui's a great investment that's guaranteed to produce a solid ROI for your company.”

Chris Yli-Luoma, CEO | Fresh Consulting

“Jaqui takes a no-holds approach when it comes to healthy living and nutrition. In her previous life she was a dynamic marketing and sales extraordinaire and has the ability to tune in to her audience - whether they are high-powered corporate warriors or down-to-earth buyers in small town USA. Now she needs to find the right sponsors as she encourages you to listen to your toughest client - yourself.”

Bo Rinaldi, Author, CEO, Health Advisory Boards |

“Jaqui is a special resource I encourage anyone to engage with, if you are interested in high performance, personal empowerment and positive results. She is that rare balance of knowledge put into everyday action. Jaqui lives what she teaches and inspires all around her. She can contribute to your bottom line by optimizing team performance, inspire your staff by having them live more positively and gently guide all aspects of the process with her depth of knowledge and passion. I will continue to use Jaqui with the variety of clients I have that need that special approach a true industry leader can provide.”

Jerry McGowan, President | Flexolate

“Jaqui Karr is one of those rare individuals who is committed to making this planet and those on it, more conscious of their impact on All That Is. Her perspectives and clarity of truth regarding what needs to be done with a planet and people, both of who's health is spiraling out of control, offers us unique insights into answers we all can use. With the obesity epidemic at an all time high, Jaqui serves up answers many fear to address and does so with amazing acumen and empathy. It is my sincere pleasure to endorse this wonderful person who continually cares about things that matter and impact each and every one of us living on the planet. Thank you Jaqui for this opportunity to acknowledge one of my heroes!"

Doug Robb, Owner | Health Habits

“As a personal trainer, getting my clients to eat healthy is almost always the hardest task. Thy know how to eat healthy, but they don't know how to prepare healthy meals that actually taste...good. That's where Jaqui comes in. She is my go to source for gluten-free recipes that don't taste healthy...if you know what I mean”

Elle Sanders, Communications Director | Health Radio Network

“Jaqui is one of our "go to" health experts who always delivers top-notch recipes and wellness advice to our readers and listeners. Jaqui is a pure pleasure to work with, and we hope to expand our working relationship with her in the near future. She's simply one of the very best at what she does.”

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Houston Gluten Free Expo  Houston, TX




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