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Jared Britt - Southern Utah University. Cedar City, UT, US

Jared Britt

Director of Global Aviation Maintenance Training | Southern Utah University


Britt is driving change in aviation technician schools across the U.S. and recently passed a bill included in the FAA Reauthorization Act.


Jared Britt is the director of maintenance for the aviation program at Southern Utah University. He is passionate about aviation and as the Chairman of the Legislative Committee for Aviation Technician Education Council, he is driving changes in technician schools around the country.

For the last four years, Britt has managed under FAR Part 141 (Flight Schools). This includes writing all maintenance policies and procedures and developing the safety procedures used every day to ensure the technicians work is always correct and safe. He is in the process of completing a FAR Part 145 Repair Station license, giving the school greater efficiency by doing complex work “in-house” as opposed to outsourcing.

Britt is pioneering an effort to get an exemption from the current curriculum from the Federal Aviation Administration that will allow SUU’s aviation department to teach their own, updated curriculum. This will allow the school to meet future airman certification standards and better prepare students for industry jobs, a change that aviation maintenance schools around the country will want to follow.

Previously to working at SUU, Britt spent time developing procedures focused on safety in aircraft maintenance with Boeing. He has worked in commercial and general aviation as well as manufacturing.

Britt earned certifications in Aviation Maintenance Technology, Airframe Mechanics, and Aircraft Maintenance Technology from Chandler-Gilbert Community College.







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Chandler-Gilbert Community College: Certifications, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance Technology

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  • Aviation Technician Education Council

Media Appearances (11)

Training the Modern Helicopter AMT

Rotor Media  print


After almost three years of planning, curriculum development, hiring, and fundraising—all while creating industry partnerships to effect a change in the regulations governing AMT schools—the SUU AMT Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree program launched in January 2020.

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Wrapped in a Bow: The New Part 147

ATEC  online


"This was a monumental win for the aviation industry, and will forever change the landscape of aviation technical education," said ATEC legislative committee chair and Southern Utah University Director of Global Aviation Maintenance Training Jared Britt. "After advocating for FAA regulatory relief for over a decade, a coalition of academia, labor, and industry came together to demand change. And look at what we accomplished."

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Aviation Education Demands Better, Presents Regulatory Solution to Modernize Maintenance Training

Aircraft Maintenance Technology  print


While school was out, the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC) spent the summer break drafting a proposal that would mandate the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revision of long-outdated mechanic training mandates.

Media Appearance Image

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President Trump Signs SUU Aviation Bill Into Law

The Independent: A voice for Utah  online


“With the updated rule, SUU Aviation can build the most modernized training for AMT that has ever existed in a public institution, which is what we plan to do,” said Britt.

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2018 Fly-In, Washington DC

Aviation Technical Education Council  online


Thanks to all those that attended the Washington Fly-in September 12-14, 2018. Plan to join us for next year's event, scheduled for Sept. 11-12, 2019. Registration will open well in advance.

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Southern Utah’s Part 147 Exemption Should Be Granted

JDA Journal  online


Southern Utah University, Department of Aviation Sciences, a member of ATEC, did not wait for Congress or the FAA to act. Brilliantly, SUU submitted a petition for exemption from the aforementioned Part 147 and substitute temporarily, while the NPRM process slowly grinds, the ARAC developed new program.

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Maintenance School Seeks Exemption from Outdated Curriculum Rules

MRO Network  online


Southern Utah University (SUU) wants to create an aviation maintenance training program. Employers in the area are supporting the effort and have donated equipment and resources to get the project off the ground. School officials and accreditors plan to include the mechanic coursework as part of a larger degree program so students can earn credit toward an associate’s degree.

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SUU Aviation Aims to Change FAA Maintenance Curriculum

Flying Magazine  online


The Southern Utah University’s Aviation Department is spearheading an effort to update the aviation maintenance curriculum the FAA requires all U.S. training providers to use. The Cedar City-based University claims the curriculum has not been adequately updated in more than 56 years. According to SUU, “aviation students are not prepared for real-world jobs because they have been learning [from an] outdated curriculum that hasn’t been relevant in years.”

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Job Fair Offers Opportunities to Veterans, Service Members

St. George News  online


Upper Limit Aviation, a flight school based out of Salt Lake City, has a branch in Cedar City and is working with Southern Utah University to provide an aviation program to students. Upper Limit representatives were present to hire veterans who have aircraft maintenance licenses to work on the company helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes.

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$320,000 in Ongoing Funding Awarded to SUU Aviation Pathway

SUU News  online


In partnership with several statewide high schools, Southwest Technical College, and various industry employers, Southern Utah University recently secured $320,000 in ongoing legislative funding to support the creation of a Utah Aviation Pathway Strategic Workforce Initiative (SWI).

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Southern Utah University is feeling America’s sky-high demand for aircraft mechanics

KUER  online


One of the solutions to widespread flight delays and cancellations might be sitting in a hangar at the Cedar City Airport. That’s where around 50 students are joining Southern Utah University’s aircraft maintenance technician program this fall. There are a lot of different aircraft they can get their hands on here. Propeller planes. Helicopters. St. George-based SkyWest Airlines even donated a full-size commercial plane for students to work on.

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