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Jason Davidson - University of Mary Washington. Fredericksburg, VA, US

Jason Davidson Jason Davidson

Professor of Political Science and International Affairs | University of Mary Washington

Fredericksburg, VA, UNITED STATES

Dr. Davidson is a specialist in American Foreign and Security Policy, and International Security.




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If you’re interested in Italy-U.S. relations since the end of the Cold War or a vote-seeking explanation of Berlusconi's Iraq policy, look no further.

Jason Davidson, professor of political science and international affairs, is a specialist in American foreign and security policy; British, French and Italian foreign and security policy; and international security. He has delivered lectures at venues such as the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, the United States Marine Corps War College, the University of Rome (Roma Tre) and the University of Bologna.

An award-winning professor, Dr. Davidson was the 2007 recipient of UMW’s Alumni Association Outstanding Young Faculty Award and a two-time recipient of the Academic Affairs Council Professors’ Appreciation Award. He was awarded a UMW Jepson Fellowship for 2005-06 for his project “Signaling Resolve in Contemporary American Foreign Policy.”

He is the author of two books, "The Origins of Revisionist and Status-quo States" and "America’s Allies and War: Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq." His articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Contemporary Security Policy, Modern Italy, Security Studies and The Nonproliferation Review. Dr. Davidson has written chapters in books such as "Power in Transition: The Peaceful Change of International Order," "Sanctions as Economic Statecraft: Theory and Practice" and "Italy in the Post-Cold War Order: Adaptation, Bipartisanship, Visibility."

Areas of Expertise (4)

American Foreign Policy

American Security Policy

International Security

British, French and Italian Foreign Policy

Accomplishments (2)

Outstanding Young Faculty Award (professional)


Awarded by the University of Mary Washington.

Jepson Fellowship (professional)


Awarded by the University of Mary Washington for the project titled “Signaling Resolve in Contemporary American Foreign Policy.”

Education (3)

Georgetown University: Ph.D., Government 2001

Georgetown University: M.A., Government 1999

University of California at Berkeley: B.A., Political Science 1996

Media Appearances (10)

Situation in Afghanistan

LBC News - Global Radio London  online


Situation in Afghanistan

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U.S. allies slam Afghanistan pullout as a debacle, but also see big opportunities

Fortune  online


“For NATO allies, what they care most about at the moment is that the U.S. is better equipped coming out of this conflict to focus on bolstering the alliance relative to a resurgent, aggressive Russia,” said Jason Davidson, a specialist on U.S. political alliances, and political science professor at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. “The Afghanistan situation will be a blip to the U.S. commitment made to NATO,” he added.

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Military Operations Throughout the World (With Good Reason; WHRV 89.5; WAMU-FM Radio)

With Good Reason  online


“The real benefit is the additional burden-sharing in military operations that the United States engages in," said University of Mary Washington Professor of Political Science and International Affairs Jason Davidson. "In addition, I would say that allies provide diplomatic and political support for U.S. positions in important international fora."

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Biden needs to talk about the costs of our wars to America's allies

The Hill  online


Memorial Day is a day of remembrance. This week, President Biden delivered a moving address at Arlington National Cemetery ... There was a notable absence in the president’s remarks, however: the sacrifices America’s allies have incurred in these same wars.

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British troops were twice as likely to be killed in Afghanistan as US forces

The Guardian  online


“Americans do not fully understand, do not acknowledge, the sacrifices that allies made in Afghanistan,” said Jason Davidson, the author of the report, and professor of political science and international affairs at the University of Mary Washington.

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US, China's Geopolitical Battle for Asia Shapes New Power Dynamic for Region

Newsweek  online


Jason Davidson, a professor at University of Mary Washington, said that "the most fundamental trend since the creation of the Quad in 2004 is China's rise combined with its increasingly assertive behavior."

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Upcoming Events: Three Seminars in the “20 Years of War” Research Series

bu.edu  online


Jason Davidson, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the University of Mary Washington, will provide a detailed look at the contribution major U.S. allies have made to U.S.-led military operations in the post-Cold War era, and the significant costs they have incurred.

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It has always been 'America first': why Trump is different

Aspenia  online


In his inaugural address Donald Trump emphasized a concept he had referred to on the campaign trail.

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Obama and the Libya blame game: free-riding allies?

Aspenia Institute  online


In a recent interview with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, President Obama accused America's European allies of being "free riders."

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Commentary: UMW professors back student sit-in for divestment in fossil fuels

Fredericksburg  online


Shortly after University of Mary Washington students began their sit-in in front of President Hurley’s office, a member of the board of visitors reportedly said they were “being a pest.” This reaction suggests that Divest UMW is actually on the right path. History shows us that to attain social change, change that may be difficult and/or costly, it is often necessary to make decision-makers uncomfortable and even outraged...

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Event Appearances (1)

America's Allies and War

National Security Lectures,  Fredericksburg, Va.


Articles (6)

“The Limits of Radical Parties in Coalition Foreign Policy: Italy, Hijacking, and the Extremity Hypothesis”

Foreign Policy Analysis


Jason Davidson, professor of political science and international affairs, co-authored and published an article in the peer-reviewed journal “Foreign Policy Analysis.” The article, titled “The Limits of Radical Parties in Coalition Foreign Policy: Italy, Hijacking, and the Extremity Hypothesis,” was written with Fabrizio Coticchia, assistant professor of political science at the University of Genoa and explores the role of radical political parties in Italy.

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American primacy by default: down but not out

The International Spectator: International Journal of International Affairs


American primacy continues to characterise the international system, despite trends toward a diffusion of power. The discussion is too often biased in favour of multipolarity due to imprecise or misleading definitions of U.S. primacy. On the basis of a simple definition of ...

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Italy-U.S. relations since the end of the cold war: prestige, peace, and the transatlantic balance

Bulletin of Italian Politics


Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S. has repeatedly engaged its military abroad and has frequently asked Italy and other allies for military support. Governments of the center-right and center-left have responded favorably to American requests on most ...

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In and out of Iraq: A vote-seeking explanation of Berlusconi's Iraq policy

Modern Italy


This article seeks to explain the Iraq policy of Silvio Berlusconi's second government. Why did Berlusconi's government declare 'non-belligerency' when the American-led war with Iraq began in March 2003? Why did the government send a mission of 3,000 Italian troops to ...

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The Prodi government and Italy‐US relations: The case for optimism

The International Spectator: Italian Journal of International Affairs


On March 1, 2006, Italy's centre-right Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi addressed a rare joint session of the U.S. Congress. Speaking in the midst of a heated domestic electoral campaign, Berlusconi stressed Italy's solidarity with the U.S., which he referred to as ...

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The Roots of Revisionism: Fascist Italy, 1922-39

Security Studies


The revisionist state has been brought back in to international relations theory. The reintroduction of revisionist states to the study of international relations has provided scholars from a variety of theoretical perspectives ...

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