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Jason England - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Jason England

Assistant Professor | Carnegie Mellon University


Jason England has written extensively on race, sports and societal issues.


Jason England, assistant professor of creative writing at Carnegie Mellon University, has written extensively on race, sports and societal issues with his essays appearing in various publications, including Sports Illustrated, The Root, Vox, Defector, and Chronicle of Higher Education. He has contributed to the discourse on college admissions in print, on university panels, and for a soon-to-be-released documentary. He is concurrently finishing his first novel and a collection of essays.

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Civil Rights


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The Pernicious Fantasy of the Nikole Hannah-Jones Saga

The Chronicle of Higher Education  online


t was easy, at the outset, to support Nikole Hannah-Jones on general principle. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media had bungled the hiring of a star journalist, an accomplished and esteemed Black woman, and one of their own to boot. The optics, as they say, were ugly.

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Confronting racial inequities at Pittsburgh-area universities after George Floyd's murder has yielded pain and progress

PublicSource  online


Jason England, an assistant creative writing professor who said he was not asked to help with the statement, collaborated with Purcell on the article. “Beyond my background in civil rights, certainly my upbringing is very similar to the sort of Black people who are being harassed by police and killed on a regular basis,” England said.

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England Writes to Pay Tribute to Ghosts from his Past

The Piper CMU Community News  online


Quotes and anecdotes are the tools with which Jason England conveys his thoughts. During a virtual event with students, the Carnegie Mellon University English professor injected them into his talk, pivoting around them, using them to set up his points. Upon quotes from Carlos Fuentes and Marilynne Robinson, England built the description of his background and how it influenced his life.

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The mess that is elite college admissions, explained by a former dean

Vox  online


When people find out I used to work as a dean of admissions at an elite liberal arts university, they want to gab about the wealthy and famous, bribes and scandal, the boogeyman of affirmative action. People want soap opera storylines.

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Higher Education and the Illusion of Meritocracy

The Chronicle of Higher Education  online


he recently revealed admissions scandal seems to have it all: Three Stooges levels of ineptitude, crude Photoshops, six-figure payoffs, corrupt coaches, and a cadre of low-level celebrities for good measure. But those who see this scandal as anything other than a moment of levity are missing the forest for the trees. The U.S. Department of Justice filings confirm what we already knew — or should have known: Elite-college admissions exists chiefly to replicate class privilege.

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