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Jason Liu - Georgia Southern University. Statesboro, GA, US

Jason Liu

Assistant Professor | Georgia Southern University


Dr. Liu is an experimental physicist who investigates magnetic phenomena in nanostructures.


Jason Liu is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Georgia Southern University. Prior to joining the Department of Physics and Astronomy in 2017, he earned a B.S. in Physics from San Diego State University in 2008 and a Ph.D. in Physics from Colorado State University in 2014. After completing his Ph.D. he was a post-doctoral researcher with the Electron Physics Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

At Georgia Southern University, he teaches introductory physics courses for scientists and engineers and advanced physics courses for physics majors. His pedagogy is based on results from physics education research. He uses peer-instruction and student-centered learning in a studio physics classroom environment.

His research focuses on spin excitations in my magnetic materials. Currently, his research group is working on developing a technique to measure magnetization dynamics in nanostructures by exploiting atomic defects in diamonds. This technique is based on the affects that small magnetic fields have on the photoluminescent properties of nitrogen-vacancy color centers.

In addition to his academic career, Dr. Liu is also a veteran of the Iraq War. He served as an Infantryman with the Army National Guard from 2001-2007. He was attached to the 3rd Infantry Division in Bagdad, Iraq from 2005-2006.

Areas of Expertise (5)


Condensed Matter Physics


Experimental Physics

Magnetization Dynamics

Education (3)

Colorado State University: M.S., Physics

Colorado State University: Ph.D., Physics

San Diego State University: B.S., Physics

Affiliations (1)

  • American Physics Society : Member

Articles (5)

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