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Jason Moyse - LegalLean. Toronto, ON, CA

Jason Moyse

Lawyer and Business Consultant | Jason Moyse Professional Corporation

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Absolute results oriented and business savvy lawyer in the corporate, commercial and litigation context in private practice and in house.





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I love the intersection of business, entrepreneurs, startups, efficiency and law. I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and part of the NewLaw movement. In addition to consulting on business, strategy and project management issues -- I am thrilled to practice law in association with CognitionLLP in Toronto Canada -- not your traditional law firm. Which is good --- because I am not your traditional lawyer.

My background also includes serving as a corporate manager, strategist, project leader, operations program developer and relationship owner with key vendor/partners.

I love all things Apple, twitter, fitness & health and occasionally drinking from red solo cups.

Industry Expertise (3)

Program Development

Corporate Leadership

Legal Services

Areas of Expertise (11)

Cross Functional Team Management

Customer Retention

Strategic Planning

Customer Relations

Contract Negotiation

Program Management

Corporate Governance

Corporate Communications

Legal Compliance


Six Sigma

Accomplishments (3)

Open and Honest Communication Award (professional)


Awarded by Xerox Leadership Behaviour.

Absolute Results Oriented Award (professional)


Awarded by Xerox Leadership Behaviour.

Strategic Thinking Award (professional)


Awarded by Xerox Leadership Behaviour.

Education (3)

Villanova University: Black Belt Certificate of Achievement, Lean Six Sigma 2014

Western University: LL.B., Law 2000

University of Waterloo: B.A., Political Science / Business Studies 1991

Affiliations (3)

  • Cognition LLP : Director, Innovation Execution and Lwyer
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Ontario Bar Association

Media Appearances (4)

Jason Moyse: Growth is Dead

Conduit Law  online


I recently attended a wonderful evening hosted by Above the Law with key comments provided by Bruce MacEwen, a well known law firm strategist, commentator and lawyer who runs the consultancy and blog titled Adam Smith, Esq. Not surprisingly, Mr. MacEwen rightly has a large American following and an immense level of credibility among the AmLaw200 firms. His comments largely emanated from his excellent and seminal book, ”Growth is Dead: Now What?”...

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On Leaning into Legal

TechVibes  online


Your friendly legaltech writing team is actually typing this piece into a email as we drive back to Toronto from East Lansing, Michigan, home of the mighty Spartans. We spent the weekend in Michigan to deliver a natural extension of our writing (the more charitable among you describe it as "thought leadership" and we thank you for it) in the form of our #LegalLean lean innovation program for the evolution of the legal industry...

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As We Embrace Future of Legaltech, Let Us Not Forget Lessons from the Past

TechVibes  online


If you’re a Gen X’er like me, there is a good chance that at least one point in your life, it had something to do with Seattle and maybe it still does. As individuals, we identify with the music that was around during those formative periods of our life and the Sub Pop sound of the early 1990’s was the soundtrack that floated through my flannel-wearing-red-solo-cup-keg-drinking life. Amazingly, the label has a completely different sound today, but the modern line up of indie coffee house tunes streams through his Songza fueled work life as he practices startup and Starbucks law...

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The Legal Considerations of Building a Startup at a Hackathon

TechVibes  online


What fun to ride the wave of hackathon glory and over the course of a weekend find that you really hit a creative groundswell. Even though you may not have known your entire team prior to the Friday night session, you're working so well and the alchemy of your collective talents is clearly magical. After either the fourth or fifth beer, ninth pizza slice, and third “Dudes—we’re crushing this,” fist bump, you all decide to turn your weekend hackathon idea into a real business...

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Event Appearances (1)

#LegalLean - Innovating New Models for the Future of Law

Discovery District  MaRS, Toronto, Ontario