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Jason Ohler, PhD - Fielding Graduate University. Juneau, AK, US

Jason Ohler, PhD Jason Ohler, PhD

Doctoral Faculty - Media Psychology | Fielding Graduate University


Leading integration of technology effectively, creatively, wisely, with a sense of fun and purpose



Jason Ohler, PhD Publication Jason Ohler, PhD Publication Jason Ohler, PhD Publication Jason Ohler, PhD Publication Jason Ohler, PhD Publication Jason Ohler, PhD Publication Jason Ohler, PhD Publication Jason Ohler, PhD Publication



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Jason Ohler, PhD, is a member of the adjunct faculty in the School of Psychology, Media Psychology program, at Fielding Graduate University. He is also Professor Emeritus of Educational Technology at University of Alaska, where he was honored as Distinguished Professorship in the area of digital literacy, narrative, and citizenship.

Dr. Ohler has been a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, teacher, and researcher, covering topics on many areas of living and learning in the Digital Age.

He has spent three decades working with students, educators, parents, government officials, policy makers, and community leaders to integrate technology into education, community development, government, and business effectively, creatively, wisely, and with a sense of fun and purpose.

Industry Expertise (5)

Program Development


Training and Development


Mental Health Care

Areas of Expertise (10)

Digital Literacy

Digital Storytelling


Narrative Development

Assessment of Technological Impact

Media Psychology

Communications Theory

Learning Theory and Application

New Media Assessment

Distance Education

Accomplishments (8)

ASTE's Making IT Happen Award (professional)

(2015) Sponsored by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

Alaska Society for Technology in Education Lifetime Achievement Award (professional)


WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award, for Stories of Culture and Place (professional)


Special Contribution Award, International Visual Literacy Association (professional)

(For Art the 4th R, 2006)

Distinguished Educator Award (professional)

(2004) Awarded by Apple

Distinguished Career Citation (professional)

(2004) Awarded by the Alaska State Legislature

Excellence in Education Award (professional)

(1994) Awarded by the Juneau School District, Alaska

President's Award (professional)

(1992) Awarded by the Alaska Association for Technology in Education

Education (1)

Simon Fraser University: PhD, Communication 1994

Affiliations (5)

  • Institute of Digital Media and Child Development
  • The Digital Hub : Associate
  • Digital Media Award Executive Committee : Global Council Member
  • Technology and Learning Magazine : Advisory Board
  • Full Sail University Education and Media Design & Technology Program

Media Appearances (1)

Values: The Foundations for Negotiating Digital Citizenship

The Huffington Post  online


Jason Ohler asks "what behaviors and codes of conduct are befitting citizens who occupy these new [digital] communities?" (Ohler, 2010, p.35) and explains that these questions cannot be resolved, only debated. However, in order for a school or other education body to establish curricula to educate young people about digital citizenship, a working model of this concept does need to be defined...

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Event Appearances (4)

Science teachers in an age of then what?

(August, 2005) Cray Academy  Eau Claire, WI.

Then what? The past, present and future of teaching in the digital age

(March, 2005) TUANZ New Zealand National Education Conference  New Zealand

Digital storytelling for teachers

(February, 2005) ASTE Conference  Anchorage, AK.

It's time for Alaska to develop its digital economy

(October, 2004) Alaska State Chambers of Commerce  Anchorage, AK.

Articles (8)

BOOK: 4Four Big Ideas for the Future: Understanding Our Innovative Selves

Brinton Books

Dr. Jason Ohler


BOOK: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning and Creativity, 2nd Edition

Corwin Press

Dr. Jason Ohler


BOOK: Digital Community, Digital Citizen


Dr. Jason Ohler


Storytelling and Media: Narrative Models from Aristotle to Augmented Reality

The Oxford Handbook of Media Psychology

Dr. Jason Ohler, Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts


Digital Citizenship Means Character Education for the Digital Age

Education Digest: Essential Readings Condensed for Quick Review

(2012) The reality of students' cyber lives has thrust upon educators a new approach: creating character education programs tuned to digital youth that are proactive and aggressive. This will help integrate students' digital activities within the context of the communities in which ...

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The Power and Peril of Web 3.0: It's More than Just Semantics

Learning and Leading with Technology

(2010) The Information Age has been built, in part, on the belief that more information is always better. True to that sentiment, we have found ways to make a lot of information available to the masses—perhaps more than anyone ever imagined. If you Google global warming, for ...

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Orchestrating the media collage

Challenging the Whole Child: Reflections on Best Practices in Learning, Teaching, and Leadership

(2009) It is no coincidence that the words letter and literacy look alike. When the concept of a literate person arose centuries ago, it referred to those few who were considered educated, precisely because they “knew the letters.” To this day, the prevailing definition of a ...

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The world of digital storytelling

Educational Leadership

(2006) Imagine you are watching the digital story that Kim, a 6th grader, has created for a language arts assignment. As the story opens, the computer screen slowly fills with photographs of Kim's parents, one from when they were young and another taken more recently. ...

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