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Jason Pamental - Providence, Rhode Island Area, RI, US

Jason Pamental

Board Member, Education |

Providence, Rhode Island Area, RI, UNITED STATES

Web Strategist, Designer, Technologist





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I am the co-founder of h+w design, writer at and overall web & typography nerd. Favorite self-descriptor: specializing in being a generalist (I've worked on the web since 1994 in a range of capacities). With a background in design and an intimate understanding of technology and its application on the web, I've led creative and technical groups for NFL and America's Cup teams, Fortune 25 and technology corporations and many other clients, serving in both creative and technical roles. Jason also speaks about Responsive Design, Web Typography and Web Strategy at conferences and pretty much anywhere people will listen. I'm also a board member of the Rhode Island chapter of the AIGA, a UX Mentor for Betaspring and the organizer of a local Drupal meetup in Providence, RI.

When that’s not happening I'm usually hanging out with my family or following @aProperCollie around Turner Reservoir in the morning, posting photos on Instagram.

Industry Expertise (3)

Graphic Design



Areas of Expertise (3)

Web Strategy



Accomplishments (2)

Former Cat 1 Road Cyclist (personal)


I spent 10 years racing bicycles, 5 of them full-time traveling throughout the US. I typically raced over 100 times a year, and trained year-round wherever the weather was good enough to ride. After reaching the top level of amateur in the US I decided it was time to hang up the cleats and try college.

Nominated to the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (professional)


In 2013 I was nominated by the Governor to serve on the RISCA board. In that capacity I will be evaluating arts organizations who are applying for grants but also working to develop a greater presence of the design professionals working in the state.

Education (2)

Rhode Island College:

Rhode Island College: BFA in Studio Art, Graphic Design

Affiliations (3)

  • Providence Geeks
  • RI Nexus
  • AIGA

Testimonials (2)

John Giannopolous, Director, Strategic Alliances - Web Font Services at Monotype Imaging | Monotype Imaging

Jason possesses a unique skill set. He's a very competent web developer & designer with a wealth of knowledge of Drupal and other open source CMSs. He also possesses a keen awareness and love for type. It's been a real pleasure to work with Jason in evangelizing the value of good digital typography and its place in making the web better!

Steve Fisher, Founder & User Experience Architect at The Republic of Quality | The Republic of Quality

Jason has a great mind for web strategy and the experience to back it up. Whenever I've interacted with him I've always come away with a new understanding of how to better design for the web. Jason also balances this out with a strong design background and an awesome grasp of web typography.

Event Appearances (4)

Designing for Uncertainty

edUi Conference  Richmond, VA


Death, Taxes & Viewport Chrome

DrupalCon Munich  Munich, Germany


Web Typography & Drupal: Putting Arial Out to Pasture

DrupalCon London  London, England


Designing with Web Fonts: Type, Responsively

ARTIFACT Conference  Austin, TX


Sample Talks (1)

Designing for Uncertainty: Rethink Your Design Thinking

Responsive Design is arguably both the biggest step forward and the biggest buzzword in web design today. This talk isn't about building a responsive design; it's about changing how you think about design in the first place. Admit it: you don't know where your design will be viewed – so it’s essential that you know how to design and create buildable, sustainable sites that move and scale from the smallest to the largest screens, regardless of content.



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1000 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee