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Jay Newman

Founding Partner | Win the Bigger Game


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Jay has a passion for building teams. Through his years as a coach, teacher, and school administrator, Jay proved his extraordinary ability to get teams to work together like a well-oiled machine. His basketball coaching years, although short, exemplify his ability to get the most out of a team. His record of 107 wins and 7 losses sets a standard equaled by only a few high school coaches. He applied his skills as a Superintendent, Principal and Department Chair. In every situation, otherwise disconnected groups of people came together to achieve things other schools only dreamed of doing.

Since his retirement from education in 2006, Jay has served as the Director of Development for the National Civility Center and works with entrepreneurs to help create and develop teams built for success. As a recognized leader in education and building partnerships between schools, youth, parents and community, Jay is a recognized speaker at both the regional and national levels. He has co-authored a book entitled Empowering Students to Transform Schools with Gary Goldman. His philosophy and passion for improvement has been the key to his success as an educator, community leader and entrepreneur.

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