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Jayson Krause Jayson Krause

Vice President, Corporate Client Solutions | CTI

Calgary, AB, CANADA

Combatant for Meaningful Connection - Leadership & High Performance



Jayson Krause is a combatant for meaningful connection.

His experiences as a former multi national champion in bobsleigh, an entrepreneur and leadership consultant, combine with his work as a coach to provide rich perspective and insight that audiences of all kinds can relate to.

Jayson has presented to businesses and educational institutions across North America. In his keynotes and seminars, Jayson blends a powerful delivery with a gift for storytelling and connecting with audiences in a way that moves them into inspired action. His sessions deliver content that individuals and organizations can use immediately to boost production, inspire others and erase obstacles to live powerful, connected lives.

The four secrets to a meaningful LIFE:
Connecting with LIFE through strangers

"My best friend dies a stranger to me". - Jayson Krause
This thought provoking presentation is based on Jayson’s recently released book 52 People. Jayson will share an inside look at his challenging year long social experiment in search of meaningful connection. He will prove how meaningful connection can take place in bathrooms, airports, taxis, kareoke bars, during dance class, on water slides, business meetings, during a cold-call and while walking on fire. Participants will leave this timely and inspiring presentation possessing the 4 secrets to a meaningful LIFE. They will understand how to reach out to the people in their lives, truly create a powerful network, and to go beneath the surface to create more powerful relationships.

How to Wear the Cape:
The Super Hero Strategy

Are you a villain, sheep, or a super-hero? In this presentation participants will be faced with the truth and direct accountability of the Super Hero Strategy. They will find themselves asking important questions and will leave with the answers behind showing up at work, home and in moments of crisis as a powerful force.

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Professional Training and Coaching

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Corporate Leadership

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Science Behind Success

Cultural Transformation

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Author of 52 People - Connecting with Life through Strangers (professional)


Award Winning Book

4 time National Champion - bobsleigh (professional)


4 time Bobsleigh National Champion Pilot

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  • The Coaches Training Institute
  • International Coaches Federation

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Science Behind Success

The Science Behind Success Co-created by CTI Faculty member Jayson Krause along with 2010 Olympic gold medallist Steve Mesler, The Science Behind Success will give you a dynamic look at the hard science behind soft skill development, coaching and leadership. After participating in the ‘Science Behind Success’, you will: * Understand the important steps to creating new habits and high performance skill acquisition * Use biological principles to expedite growth after disastrous results * Find out how using 6 words can make a 50% difference in performance * Understand how science proves that culture eats strategy for lunch * Possess the four pillars of success that will dramatically impact your coaching and leadership Utilizing cutting edge science blended with high performance athletic principles, The Science Behind Success will get you out of your seat and put you through the test to step into your business, coaching practice and personal life in a completely different way. Jayson Krause is the vice President or Global Corporate Solutions and faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute. He is also a former national champion bobsled athlete and author of the book 52 People. Piloted in 2011 at the University of Florida’s Warrington School of Business, Jayson has delivered the ‘Science Behind Success’ to business leaders across North America and Asia.



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