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J. B. Rainsberger

President/CEO | Diaspar Software Services

Summerside, PE, CANADA

Entertaining speaker that advises companies on modern software development techniques



J. B. Rainsberger has built software, advised companies, turbo-charged careers, and delighted audiences since 1998. When people ask J. B. whether he fixed computers, he answers, "No; I fix programmers." His work began as a programmer, software designer and architect, and has since extended far beyond code to include the social, psychological and fiscal aspects of the software industry. He loves Extreme Programming, but doesn't care where great ideas comes from. He retired in 2008 and began traveling the world helping companies for profit and helping people improve their own lives at work in his abundant spare time. If you'd like to inspire your audience of software professionals, then J. B. can help you achieve exactly that.

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Computer Software

Management Consulting

Information Technology and Services

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Personal Finance

Lean Software Development

Agile Software Development

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An unusual introduction to Agile Software Development

You can read the details from any book: how to do test-driven development, continuous integration, iteration planning, the Daily Scrum. Boring. Would you rather learn about the goals, benefits, and indeed the very point of Lean/Kanban/Agile Software Development? I thought you might.


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