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Jean Cho - Global Water Experts. Vancouver, BC, CA

Jean Cho

Principal Numerical Modeler | Flo Solutions

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Principal Numerical Modeler at Flo Solutions





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-Specialist in numerical groundwater modeling

-20 years of groundwater modeling experience for consulting projects ranging from industrial sites in Northeastern U.S., Western Canada, Brazil and Japan; open pit mines in Canada, South America and the U.S.; and underground mines in Canada, from 1996 to present.

-First-hand experience developing models of both flow and transport, saturated and unsaturated media, porous media and fractured bedrock, from 1986 to present.

-Senior review of model development, calibration and prediction from 2007 to present

Industry Expertise (3)

Environmental Services



Areas of Expertise (4)

Groundwater Modelling

Consulting Projects


Calibration and Testing

Education (2)

Princeton University : Ph.D., Civil Engineering

Stanford University : B.S., Applied Earth Sciences

Affiliations (4)

  • Flo Solutions
  • Klohn Crippen Berger
  • Vanderbilt University
  • ERM

Articles (2)

Characterization of Crystalline Bedrock Contaminated by Dense Nonaqueous Liquid

Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation


A systematic hydrogeologic site characterization has been completed in a fractured rock flow system, with the objective of identifying contaminant migration and fate pathways from a historical release of 1,1,1-trichloroethane (TCA). The study integrated hydrogeologic analysis techniques such as borehole geophysical logging, pumping test analysis, and hydrochemical facies analysis to study the impact of a dense nonaqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) in a sparsely fractured crystalline bedrock. The assessment methodology can be divided into two parts: (1) characterization of the source area, where DNAPL is acting as a residual source of TCA, and (2) characterization of the downgradient plume. Reduction in DNAPL mass in the source area has resulted in significant and sustained reductions in downgradient concentrations, suggesting that remediation of fractured crystalline bedrock contaminated with DNAPL is possible and not “technically infeasible.”

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The volatilization of organic compounds in unsaturated porous media during infiltration

Journal of Contaminant Hydrology


A laboratory study was conducted to evaluate the validity of equilibrium assumptions for steady-state vapor-phase transport in homogenous, well-packed porous media in the presence of water infiltration. A volatile, slightly water-soluble compound, trichlorethylene (TCE) was chosen for the experiments. The movement of the compound was from a reservoir of solute dissolved in water, through a tension saturated zone and overlying unsaturated zone, to the soil surface. The experimental data and modeling results suggest that numerical models based on the assumption of thermodynamic equilibrium between the liquid- and gas-phase concentrations are inappropriate to describe this system. A model that assumes thermodynamic equilibrium between phases and uniform infiltration velocities predicts negligible gas-phase flux at any of the infiltration rates applied to our sand columns. We have observed fluxes ranging from 0.0464 μg h−1 cm−2 for an infiltration rate of 0.210 cm−1 to 0.006 μg h−1 cm−2 for an...

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