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Jeanne Bliss

President | CustomerBliss


If driving customer loyalty and engagement is your focus, you definitely want this Customer Leadership Executive powerhouse in your corner








As the Customer Leadership Executive for five large U.S. market leaders, Jeanne fought valiantly to get the customer on the strategic agenda, redirecting priorities and creating transformational changes to the brands’ customer experience. She has driven 95 percent loyalty rates, changing customer experiences across 50,000 person organizations.

I'm third of seven passionate Italian kids raised in Chicago land. Growing up, my dad owned a BUSTER BROWN shoe store and each of us worked there, running into the stockroom for shoes, ringing the register and unloading boxes.

We learned first-hand at that little store about humility and grace in business...watching Dad put the first pair of shoes on generations of kids' feet. Even took my turn wearing a Buster Brown costume - walking up and down the streets of downtown Des Plaines, Illinois in a wool costume and blonde pageboy wig handing out balloon in the hot sun. Inside, that's still who I am; Jeanne Marie Theresa Lombardo.

In the early years of my career, I was fortunate to join Lands' End. Working alongside founder Gary Comer and the leadership of Lands’ End, we created a service culture and customer experience not so far from what I learned at my Dad’s store. We harnessed a set of principles and put them into action to run that business. Those early decisions and actions grew Lands’ End into a prosperous company. They made Lands’ End a service beacon. After Lands' End my goal was to work in different types of organizations, each time, taking up the gauntlet to champion the customer work with the company President and across the organization to unite them to deliver an experience that would grow their business. It was an amazing journey, not without its set of bumps, twists and turns. I’m proud to be one of a handful of people who has led customer loyalty efforts for over 25 years inside America’s top corporations.

Now running CustomerBliss, it is my privilege to coach leaders on how to wrap their company’s focus around customer profits. In this capacity we work with companies across their organizations providing tools and support to unite company efforts in delivering customer experiences that lead to business growth. Every company needs a path customized for them to drive customer focus that is sustainable and wired into their DNA. It would be my honor to help you on your journey.

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Prosperous Company Culture

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Need for A Chief Customer Officer

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How to Become A Great Customer Company

Event Appearances (4)

Driving Extreme Customer Loyalty

Net Promoter Conference  New York City


“Organic Growth”: Becoming a “Member” Organization to Gain Greater Sales

THINK Conference 2011  Anaheim, California



Vision 2011 VOVICI User Conference  Reston, Virginia



CUNA Community Credit Union & Growth Conference  San Francisco, California


Sample Talks (4)

Create the Culture of Beloved and Prosperous Companies

Corporate Culture is the competitive advantage of beloved and prosperous companies. The people in their organizations take ownership for customers. They have clarity for what they are accountable for regarding customer treatment, experiences and management. Most importantly, they thrive in an environment and culture which allow those things to occur. Jeanne will help you on your journey towards creating a customer culture....toward becoming “beloved.”

The Five Decisions Of Beloved and Prosperous Companies

Go “behind the scenes” of the decision making that goes on inside beloved companies. Discover the five common decisions they make and put into practice that makes them immune to the competition and thriving, in good times and bad. Learn how their culture is their growth engine. Learn the impact of their uncommon decision making. Then, through this session, begin the process to understand how your decisions and actions have created your culture.

Make Your DNA Revolve Around Customers

Companies and leaders genuinely want to do the right thing for customer and the business, yet competing operational priorities make it difficult to focus on delivering a meaningful customer experience day in and day out. This valuable and compelling content is part of a learning journey designed to help you focus on what’s important for delivering meaningful customer experiences that drive profitability & growth. It’s not about a point in time; it’s about a process that leads to customer rave.

Driving Extreme Customer Loyalty

In her latest book, I Love You More Than My Dog, Jeanne Bliss tells the stories of “beloved” companies and the things they do to drive extreme customer loyalty. Join Jeanne for a discussion of the companies profiled in her book to explore the key decisions they make on a daily basis that earn them the “right to the story” their customers tell about them.


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