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Jed Dunham Jed Dunham

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Greater Boston Area, MA, UNITED STATES

Career Motivator, Author and Senior Inspirational Leader



Since you're reading this profile there's a fairly good chance you're either bored or looking for someone to speak into a microphone and keep a room full of suits (or kids) halfway entertained while the buffet is being served and the auditorium is filled.

Well then, you're in luck because I can both cure your sense of boredom and get that audience pinned to edge of their seats with the things I have to say. What are you looking for? Some corporate motivation? A scene from the "Nothing's Impossible" vein of thought? Maybe you need a story of trial and tribulation, a tale of perseverance through challenge and great odds or the timeless piece about how "We're all in this thing together".

Sign me up. I'll floor you with my words and wit and make you the hero of the day with accolades from above raining praise about your skills and abilities and the mystified astonishment from The Boss when he says "Where did you find this guy? He's amazing!"

Seriously, I can speak. And I can do it well. And I can move your audience to action and leave them inspired.

Check me out.

Live Free Or Die,

Jed Dunham

Education (2)

Kansas State University: BA, Advertising 1993

Kansas State University: BA, Advertising

Founding Member of The KSU Lacrosse Team (1989)


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0 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee