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Jeff Dudley Jeff Dudley

Director of | The Dow Chemical Company


culture development, leadership and complete reliability



30 plus years of experience in the Chemical Industry. Passionate leader who will share his thoughts on Leadership, Culture Development and Creating a Completely Reliable Organization. Has held numerous global leadership positions in both manufacturing and maintenance and reliability. Developed his own course on leadership. Will entertain and share his knowledge with you and your organizaton. Leadership and Reliability are his passions

Industry Expertise (3)

Management Consulting

Corporate Leadership


Areas of Expertise (3)


Culture Development

Complete Reliability

Accomplishments (2)

author of several articles on Leadership, Culture and Reliability (professional)

Has authored a number of published articles on Leadership, Culture and Reliability

Genesis Award Winner (professional)

Recognized for People Leadership by the Dow Chemical Company. Corporate Award

Education (2)

Carnegie- Mellon University : Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering 1980

Carnegie Mellon University: Bachelor of Scence, Chemical Engineering 1980

Also extensive business study ((executive workshop) at Indiana University School of Business

Affiliations (1)

  • LeadeReiliability

Event Appearances (3)

Transforming Reliabiltiy from a Corporate Initative to a Corporate Culture

MARCON  Knoxville, Tennesse


Meridium Conference

Meridium Technical Conference  Roanoke, Virginia


Creating Profits from Reliabilty

Meridium's Users Conference  Roanoke, Virginia


Sample Talks (1)

Transforming Reliabiltiy from a Corporate Initiative to a Corporate Culture

One factor contributing to failed reliability initiatives is lack of employee engagement. Building and sustaining a reliability culture is no exception. Technology is important, but unless there is a compelling reason for someone to care about using them, the reliability initiative will become one more phase that did not work and your operating culture will shift back to the way it always was. Learn how to transform reliability from a corporate initiative to a reliability culture?



  • Keynote
  • Panelist


*Will consider certain engagements for no fee