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Jeff Roach - Sociallogical. Saint John, NB, CA

Jeff Roach Jeff Roach


Saint John, NB, CANADA

Passionate about strategic business connections through Social Media education and shared thought leadership.



Jeff Roach inspires audiences with his cutting edge knowledge of Social Media and his willingness to share it – best demonstrated by the in-depth online course he authored (Understand Social Business).

You’ll come away from his talk with clear answers to the key business questions of: “How can I rationalize my Social Media investment?” “What’s the ROI?; and “Why can I not afford to be Social today?”

First and foremost, Jeff Roach is a social media educator. Combine this skillset with his clear vision for the future of Social Media and an energetic “with it” speaking style and you’ll be bringing a catalyst into your midst.

There is no failure to communicate with Jeff Roach as your keynote speaker or workshop leader. He’s been outspoken in every field he has been engaged in. Jeff was an entrepreneur early in his career - building a series of companies on both the West and East coasts of Canada. Although his education was in Health Sciences and Kinesiology, Jeff realized early on that his future was in business. So he applied his people skills, communication ability and drive to a series of entrepreneurial success stories – culminating in the breakthrough launch of in late 2010.

If you were to ask Jeff what really excites him he’d mention his family first – he’s a father of two with another one on the way. But he’d also be totally comfortable telling you that:

“Culture change excites me – especially within communities and businesses. I love to see change leadership embrace the whole customer-driven concept of Social on interactive platforms. It’s the way the whole marketing model is changing. And it’s a good thing for our world at large to share ideas, beliefs and cultures.”

Jeff is connected in almost every way possible. Please feel free to Linkin, Tweet, Facebook, Google+, Sociallogical or whatever you are comfortable with to get in touch with him directly and define your speaker needs.

Your audience will not be disappointed.

Industry Expertise (2)


Social Media

Accomplishments (3)

Founder, (professional)


Created Canada's first online interactive Social Media course for business or institutional use. Authored all key content. Consults to a wide range of clients from entrepreneurial to large corporate both in person and online. Developing a growing resume of speaking engagements while editing his first book on the subject of Social Media - tentatively titled "A Share Thing" - Sociallogical's trademarked company slogan.

Executive Director, Propel ICT (professional)


Established New Brunswick's first private sector ICT incubator/accelerator working province wide with a committed Board of experienced and visionary leaders. Counselled countless startups from idea to revenue and funding, prototype, marketing and structural change.

President/Founder (professional)


Spearheaded the startup of four different entrepreneurial ventures.

Education (1)

University of New Brunswick: Honours Bachelor of Kiniseology 1995

Testimonials (3)

Michael Arbow, Capital Markets Specialist | New Brunswick Securities Commission

“One of my favourite aspects of Jeff is his ability to have an eye on the future and think of what process or behaviour will best be able to take advantage of that future possibility. Slightly ahead of the curve, Jeff lives opportunities in virtually all aspects of his life. He is continually seeking out what could be rather than what is or has been. I find Jeff creative, a great value add to any team/group effort and patient in explaining and supporting causes/ideas he lines up with."

Dianna Barton, Principal, Barton Consulting, Management and Human Resources | BDC, Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette

“I highly recommend Sociallogcial’s online course called Understand Social Business - authored by Jeff Roach. The content is rich, flexible and comprehensive. I now have an even greater sense of urgency to embrace social media in promoting my business, but more importantly, I know how to accomplish this without fear.”

Ian Cavanagh, CEO | Ambir

“As Executive Director of PropelICT, Jeff Roach worked diligently and tirelessly in support of the New Brunswick ICT sector. Jeff is commited to success of his clients and brings a high degree of creativity and enthusiasm to problem solving and business building with his clients. Jeff is an entrepreneur of sorts himself, having built PropelICT along with his Board and continues to seek opportunities to develop value for the clients that he supports."

Sample Talks (1)

Social Media, Past Present and Future

As a long-time online practitioner, Jeff Roach had an early and clear view of the potential for Social Media to be a significant business driver. This, combined with his passion for entrepreneurial success and people power led him to make a full time commitment to the field via His talk will educate listeners on where Social came from and where it's all leading to. Jeff's enthusiasm and expertise will truly enlighten and help socialize your corporate culture.



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