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Jennifer Lundquist - University of Massachusetts Amherst. Amherst, MA, US

Jennifer Lundquist Jennifer Lundquist

Professor of Sociology / Senior Associate Dean of Research & Faculty Development | University of Massachusetts Amherst


Jennifer Lundquist examines the pathways through which racial, ethnic and gender inequalities are perpetuated in institutional settings.

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Race and Ethnicity

Online Dating Behaviors


Jennifer Lundquist examines the pathways through which racial, ethnic and gender inequalities are perpetuated and sometimes undone in various institutional settings, such as the workplace, the dating/marriage market and in families.

Her major areas of scholarship include analyzing online dating behaviors to better understand how interracial interaction contributes to continued racial hierarchies; taking advantage of unique social continuities in the U.S. military that provide insight into what drives racial disparities in health, family formation behaviors and other outcomes in larger society; and tracing the development and impact on the American welfare system of the U.S. prison and military system “submerged states.” By exploring alternative institutional contexts, she casts a number of important social problems in a new light. Her data collection and methods span from analysis of “big data” scraped from the web, administrative records and surveys to qualitative interview approaches.

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Education (3)

University of Pennsylvania: Joint Ph.D., Sociology & Demography

University of Pennsylvania: A.M., Demography

Washington and Lee University: B.A., Anthropology/Archaeology and Spanish

Press Coverage (2)

What Is the 'Success Sequence' and Why Do So Many Conservatives Like It?

The Atlantic  print


When Jennifer Lundquist. a sociologist at UMass Amherst, studied marriage in the U.S. military, she found that when the economic and social structures around people were stable and equal, differences in marriage rates largely disappeared. “Black civilians are less likely than white civilians to marry, whereas black and white military enlistees exhibit similar—and very high—propensities to marry,” she wrote.

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This 24-year-old Boston student went on as many as three dates a day for a month — all in the name of love

The Boston Globe  print


Jennifer Lundquist comments in a story about a 24-year-old Boston man who has developed an approach to online dating that is based exclusively on efficiency and meeting as many women as possible each day. “I think people just have an internal abhorrence to approaching romance that way – it seems so assembly-line cold and clinical. And I think we should get over that. You shouldn’t be online dating if you’re not willing to be really analytical about it,” Lundquist says.

Jennifer Lundquist in Boston Globe

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Publications (1)

Does a Criminal Past Predict Worker Performance? Evidence from One of America's Largest Employers

Social Forces

Jennifer Lundquist, Elko Strader and Devah Prager


This paper is one of the first systematic assessments of ex-felons’ workplace performance. Using FOIA-requested data from the Department of Defense, we follow 1.3 million ex-offender and non-offender enlistees in the US military from 2002 to 2009. Those with a felony background show no difference in attrition rates due to poor performance compared to those without criminal records

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