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Jennifer Lynes - University of Waterloo School of Environment. Waterloo, ON, CA

Jennifer Lynes

Director of the Environment and Business Program | University of Waterloo School of Environment

Waterloo, ON, CANADA

Jennifer Lynes's expertise intersects business and the environment, where she focuses on investigating the marketing of sustainability.





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Enhancing the Green Shopping Experience




In the early 1990s Professor Jennifer Lynes had the idea to combine a business degree with an environment degree long before sustainability went mainstream. Two decades later she continues to demonstrate leadership in sustainability through her research, teaching and long-standing support of community initiatives. As past Chair of REEP Green Solutions and director of Canada’s leading undergraduate program in environment and business at the University of Waterloo, she has a reputation for turning ideas into action.

Prof Lynes's research focuses on the intersection of sustainability and marketing. Her main project at the moment involves developing the business case for sustainability in the music industry (and more specifically, concert venues). She is a co-founder of the North American-based Sustainable Concerts Working Group which consists of a variety of music industry stakeholders including musicians, booking agents, promoters, venue managers and owners, NGOs, government agencies and academics.

Industry Expertise (2)



Areas of Expertise (4)


Social Marketing

Community-Based Social Marketing

Green Marketing

Education (3)

Griffith University: Ph.D., Environmental Planning

University of Waterloo: MES, Environment and Resource Studies

University of Guelph: B.Comm., Marketing

Affiliations (1)

  • Associate Professor University of Waterloo School of Environment

Languages (2)

  • French
  • English

Media Appearances (5)

Volkswagen committed the cardinal sin of greenwashing: Lying

Globe and Mail  online


Are you one of millions of Volkswagen owners who just can’t look your bug or Jetta in the headlights any more?

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Volkswagen deception prompts scrutinizing of testing, regulation

CBC  radio


In the space of just one week, the reputation Volkswagen had spent decades building up, has been laid low. News that some of their so-called "Clean Diesel" engines were engineered to "out smart" emissions tests... has dirtied the brand's reputation.

Media Appearance Image

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Is buying green too much work for you?

Waterloo Stories  online


“My hope is to make it easy for consumers to buy green,” says Jennifer Lynes, the study’s author and program director of Environment and Business at Waterloo’s School of Environment, Enterprise and Development. “I want it to be the norm, rather than an alternative. I want to put it on the radar at the retail level so sales associates are talking about it upfront as a priority and not as an afterthought.”

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Environment students explore musician's global impact

University of Waterloo  online


Professor Jennifer Lynes, director of the Environment and Business program at Waterloo, is leading the collaboration with Johnson and his team to examine how his 2013 theatre tour is integrating community-based social marketing ideas with the musician’s All At Once network. Johnson, an American singer-songwriter, released his sixth album called - From Here to Now to You - earlier this year “On this current tour we are partnering with over 75 community groups across Europe and North America through our All At Once network to support sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives,” said Jack Johnson, following a meeting with the Waterloo students at his Toronto show. “It is exciting for us to see these ideas resonating with music fans. Working with non-profits to inspire positive change has become an integral part of our tours. We look forward to working with the students at the University of Waterloo to track the impacts of our initiatives.”

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Low Cost Airlines May Offer Greener Way to Travel

CBC  online


If you want to make a smaller environmental impact when travelling to distant destinations, budget airlines can help you achieve that goal, an environment and business expert says. "On the whole, [low-cost airlines] are much more environmentally friendly than full-service airlines," Jennifer Lynes, an associate professor and director of the University of Waterloo's environment and business program, told The Morning Edition on Friday.

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Articles (5)

Back to Simplicity

Alternatives Journal

2015 Look down at the clothes you have on right now. I'll give you 10 points If you can tell me where each item was manufactured--and don't forget your socks and undergarments. Ten more points If you know the type of material each piece of clothing Is made from and another 10 if you know the sustainable features of every Item.

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Strut Lightly

Alternatives Journal

2015 Abstract According to Elizabeth Cline, author of The Good Closet and Overdressed, in 1930, the average woman in the United States owned a total of nine outfits. Learn which textiles have a lower environmental impact-organic cotton, recycled polyester, linen, bamboo and wool, for Instance-and which should be avoided (see "The Footprint of Fabrics," page 24, and" Little Monsters," page 36).

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Sustainability in Style

Alternatives Journal

2015 In this way, fashion is implicated in modern systems of power and control-indeed the industry has been described as" a velvet glove of seductive surface covering the hard fist of economic expediency."[...] if we are to begin to envision alternative fashion systems, we must be prepared to think and engage with existing patterns of power, economic logic and social conditions.

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A model for developing and assessing youth-based environmental engagement programmes

Environmental Education Research

2014 In this paper, we argue that a fundamental cultural shift is needed to effectively address anthropogenic causes of climate change.

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Developing benchmark criteria for assessing community-based social marketing programs: A look into Jack Johnson’s “All at Once” campaign

Journal of Social Marketing

2014 This article aims to propose that increased guidance on the implementation of social marketing principles for sustainability issues can advance both implementation and empirical evaluation. The primary goal of this paper is to ignite further empirical investigation of social marketing for sustainability by first presenting benchmark criteria for one social marketing model – community-based social marketing (CBSM) – and second, applying this framework to the case study of musician Jack Johnson’s “All at Once” (AAO) campaign.

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