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Jennifer  Polack - University of Mary Washington. Fredericksburg, VA, US

Jennifer Polack Jennifer  Polack

Professor of Computer Science | University of Mary Washington

Fredericksburg, VA, UNITED STATES

Professor of Computer Science at University of Mary Washington





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Jennifer A. Polack-Wahl, Professor of Computer Science, earned a Ph.D. (1997) in computer science and engineering from the University of South Florida, an M.S. (1993) in computer science from Pace University, and a B.S. (1992) in computer science from the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania). She is the recipient of a 2006 ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) Special Project Grant for “Facilitating Curriculum Material Adoption Using 3-D Virtual Collaboration Environments....

Areas of Expertise (3)

Apps for Education

Computer Science

Computer Science Education

Education (3)

University of South Florida: Ph.D., Post-Graduate Studies

Pace University: M.S., Graduate Studies

University of Scranton: B.S., Undergraduate Studies

Articles (2)

Enhancing software engineering education using teaching aids in 3-D online virtual worlds

Frontiers in Education Conference


Three-dimensional online virtual worlds such as second life support avatar-based communications, a wide spectrum of online activities, and development of various in-world teaching and learning tools. We have experimented with second life in two computer science classes, one at Ohio University, the other at the University of Mary Washington, to enhance software engineering education. We used Second Life as an innovative collaboration and communication tool both in and outside classroom to help facilitate teamwork and interactions among student project team members. Second Life was also used as the virtual office for instructors and teaching assistants to answer students' questions during office hours. In addition, we developed two multi-player online software engineering educational games in second life, one based on the....

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It is time to stand up and communicate

Frontiers in Education Conference


In today's technological market, job candidates must possess technical and communication skills to acquire a desired position. Computer science programs, for the most part, provide the technological training, but are inconsistent in teaching students all the necessary communication skills. In many computer science curricula faculty members realizing the importance of improving writing ability have incorporated writing intensive courses. However, many computer science curricula neglect oral...

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