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Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D. - Wheaton College. Wheaton, IL, US

Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D. Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Theology and History of Christianity; Degree Coordinator of the M.A. in History of Christianity and M.A. in Theology | Wheaton College


Dr. Jennifer Powell McNutt researches and teaches History of Christianity with expertise in Reformation Studies.



Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D. Publication Jennifer Powell McNutt, Ph.D. Publication





Dr. Jennifer Powell McNutt is Associate Professor of Theology and History of Christianity at Wheaton College. She earned her Ph.D. in History from the University of St. Andrews (Reformation Studies Institute) and her M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary.

A specialist in the history of Christianity from the Reformation through the Enlightenment, her research interests include the history of the Reformed church and clergy, John Calvin, and the French Bible. Dr. McNutt is an elected fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a recipient of the American Society of Church History's Brewer Prize for her monograph, Calvin Meets Voltaire. Her current research on the French Bible has been awarded the Andrew W. Mellon Research Fellowship and the Huntington-Trinity Hall Cambridge Exchange Research Fellowship.

Dr. McNutt is also an ordained Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and is co-president of McNuttshell Ministries, Inc. with her husband, Rev. Dr. David McNutt.

Education (3)

University of St. Andrews: Ph.D., History 2008

Princeton Theological Seminary: M.Div., Divinity 2003

Westmont College: B.A., Religious Studies, Biblical Languages Concentration 2000

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests (14)

History of Christianity The Reformation The History of the Bible Religion and Science The Reformed Tradition History of Protestant Clergy Secularization and Modernity The Enlightenment Martin Luther John Calvin Women in Ministry History of the Bible Persecution of Christians Christian Refugees

Accomplishments and Awards (8)

Christianity Today Science Writing Contest Winner (professional)


By uncovering historical accounts of Enlightenment-era pastors' interactions with science, this award winning essay titled, “The Clergy Behind Science as We Know It,” confronts myths about the antagonism between religion and science. It is the product of a series of lectures McNutt gave in a course funded by Wheaton’s Faculty Faith and Learning initiative. The essay is published in the magazine’s December 2017 print issue and online.

Westmont College 80th Anniversary Alumni Award (professional)


Given for those alumni who exemplify Westmont’s mission “to cultivate thoughtful scholars, grateful servants and faithful leaders for global engagement with the academy, church and the world."

Huntington-Trinity Hall Cambridge Exchange Research Fellowship (professional)


This fellowship supports Dr. McNutt's research on the French Bible.

Andrew W. Mellon Research Fellow, The Huntington Library (professional)


This fellowship supports Dr. McNutt's research on the French Bible.

Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer Prize (professional)

The Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer Prize honors outstanding scholarship in church history by a first-time author. Awarded by the American Society of Church History.

Leland Ryken Award for Teaching Excellence in the Humanities (professional)


Awarded by Wheaton College.

Sidney E. Mead Prize (professional)


Awarded by the American Society of Church History.

Overseas Research Student Award (professional)


Awarded by Universities, U.K.

Professional Affiliations (7)

  • Royal Historical Society : Fellow
  • American Historical Association : Member
  • Sixteenth Century Society : Member
  • American Society of Church History : Member
  • American Academy of Religion : Member
  • Calvin Studies Society : Member
  • Clergy Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Languages (3)

  • French
  • Biblical Greek
  • Latin

Presentations and Event Appearances (1)

Historical Influence of the Bible on Democracy

The Bible and Democracy in America  Wheaton, IL.


Academics and Published Research (1)

Available Speaker

If you are interested in booking me to speak at your academic institution or at your church body particularly for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at jennifer.mcnutt@wheaton.edu.

I will be speaking at a number of institutions across the country on the Reformation and the Bible this coming fall 2017 and would be delighted to visit your institution. I have also filmed an online course for LOGOS’s Mobile Ed Curriculum entitled, “Milestones of the Protestant Reformation”

I have delivered papers at some of the following venues:
- Sixteenth Century Studies Conference
- Calvin Studies Society Conference
- American Society of Church History Conference
- Sussex Centre for Intellectual History
- Calvin Congress
- The British Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference
- Université de Genève
- Westminster Seminary California
- University of St. Andrews.

Forthcoming speaking engagements include:
- The Society for Biblical Literature Conference
- Evangelical Theological Society Conference
- Brigham Young University
- Moody Bible Institute
- Hope International University for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

Courses (1)

Mobile Ed: Milestones of the Protestant Reformation

Discover a selection of milestone moments in history that have introduced you to the events, figures, and ideas of the Protestant Reformation. From reformation precursors to the exploration of Erasmus’ publication of the Greek NT, Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses and his translation of the NT. We’ve explored the “radical reformations revolution and re-baptism” and how the Turkish invasion of Europe had an impact on the Protestant Reformation. Delve into “the meeting of Protestants and Catholics at the Colloquy of Regensburg” and the issuing of the Peace of Augsburg. Gain a better understanding of the church today through the church of the past.

view more

Select Articles, Chapters, Reviews, and Other Publications (6)

The Reformation and Protestantism The Book of Books: Biblical Canon, Dissemination, and Its People

Timothy Larsen and Jennifer Powell McNutt


The Attempts to Transfer the Genevan Academy to Ireland and America, 1782-1795 The Historical Journal

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What is the meaning of evil and suffering? Theology Questions Everyone Asks: Christian Faith in Plain Language

Jennifer Powell McNutt


James, "The Book of Straw," in Reformation Biblical Exegesis: A Comparison of Luther and the Radicals Reconsidering the Relationship between Biblical and Systematic Theology in the New Testament: Essays by Theologians and New Testament Scholars

Jennifer Powell McNutt


Replacing Calvin? Calvin's Catechism in Eighteenth-Century Geneva Calvin and the Book

Jennifer Powell McNutt


Reformed Preaching in the Age of Enlightenment: A Comparison of Jonathan Erskine’s ‘Enlightened Evangelicalism’ with Geneva’s ‘Reasonable Calvinism’ Intellectual History Review Journal

Jennifer Powell McNutt