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Jens Naumann - Green-First Technologies Inc.. Napanee, ON, CA

Jens Naumann

CEO | Green-First Technologies Inc.

Napanee, ON, CANADA

Inner Strength Prevails: moving Mountains with a positive attitude...





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Jens is CEO of Green-First Technologies, an Ontario-based Renewable Energy Systems company involved in small and large scale Wind, Solar and Thermal Energy projects. Having a strong technical and practical electronic background, Jens delivers refreshing, out of the box, thought provoking innovative concepts to your boardroom.
Jens' great observation, and detailed nature is coupled with his skill as Social Services Worker, leading him to be both patient and employee of Dobelle Institute, a famed medical devices research company launching a project of vision restoration using cortical stimulation; for which Jens drove a car using this technology in ASAIO 2002.
Jens' logical and motivational manner, coupled with his sensitivity to human needs as outlined in his book Search for Paradise, making him a dynamic, inspirational speaker with an unmatched ability to communicate his message.

Industry Expertise (7)

Training and Development

Renewables and Environmental

Social Services

Program Development

Employment Services


Advanced Medical Equipment

Areas of Expertise (3)

Redefining Barriers

Renewable Energy

Abilities and Empowerment

Accomplishments (3)

Outstanding Leadership and Inspiration, (professional)


Designing and Constructing an independent off-grid renewable energy system.

United Way of Quinte Award (professional)


Best All-Round Social Service Worker Student.

Quinte Fox Hunters Association (professional)


First Computer Program for National Fox Hunters Association

Education (7)

Loyalist College: Diploma, Social Service Worker 2012

Assistive devices technology, Marginalised groups, HIV and STD Behavioural Management, Career Development, Cultural Studies and Psychology - United Way of Quiente Award

Institue for International Development and Co operation: International Development worker Certificate, International Development 2006

HIV behavioral risk reduction, teacher training instructor (French, Music,Computors and Advanced English) Massachusetts, USA

ICS: Diploma, Automotive Technology 1994

Class A journeymann for domestic and commercial vehicles

St Lawrence College, Kingston: Certificate, Computor programing C++ 1995

General programing language usage, program development.

Western University: Diploma, French Lanuage studies 2004

Prince Edward, Lennox and Addington Community Future Development Corp: Certificate, Business Studies 2008

Accounting, Marketing, Business Strategies, Manufacturing.

Royal Conservatory of Music (University of Toronto): Diploma, Piano Solo Studies 1989

Solo Performance, Theory Rudiments, Composition and Harmony.

Affiliations (2)

  • Dobelle Institute Ltd.
  • Ontario College of Social Service Workers

Event Appearances (3)

Self empowerment/empowering others

June 2005 Convocation Ceremony  St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario


Behavioural harm reduction

HIV/AIDS Provincial Convention  EPF Nhamatanda, Mozambique, Africa (Through Humana ADPP)


Overcoming Learning barriers

Introduction to Adult Learning  Loyalist College, Belleville, ON


Sample Talks (3)

Overcoming barriers and challenges.

Generally we have 3 types of barriers: - Personal - Logistical and - Our support team. How to overcome each one of these, is crucial to every individual's success both on a personal and or a group level in whatever industry one finds oneself. Identifying, analyzing, refocusing, redistributing and regrouping the persceived barrier. These are some of the greatest keys geared to thriving will ensure our road to success.

Embracing Green Energy and making it work.

Since the begining of this centuary, we have seen alot investment in renewable energy. However, we have not seen our energy bills decrease nor has our oil consumption. so what went wrong? Understanding the electrical grid, multiple interconnected power plants, intermittent renewable energy, the nature of alternating current and green energy politics is the key to a successful transition from conventional energy dependence.

The Winning Plan (Living our best).

According to Abraham Maslow, every individual deserves the right to live to his/her fullest potential. Defining: Fullest potential, this includes; - The right to contribute - Socialize - Learn - Travel and - Explore the very essence of life itself. Regardless of challenges, barriers or third party opinions; this goal is readily attainable through the development of one's inner strength.



  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


5000 to 7500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee