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Jerry Michalski - REX. San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US

Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski

Founder | REX

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, UNITED STATES

Deep, different perspective on change and innovation



For the typical resume-style information, please visit my LinkedIn page, listed below.

For event organizers: Over the past 20 years I've developed a deep, provocative and useful thesis about the future of business and society, based on the notion that we're entering a relationship economy (as opposed to an attention or experience economy, or even the information age).

The thesis is new, so I haven't published a book yet, but I have built a think-and-do tank around it called REX, which I lead.

The thesis offers a humanistic, optimistic way forward from our multiple world crises. You can read more about it on my REXpedition blog below, and of course I'm happy to answer questions.

I've been speaking before audiences regularly since 1987. I'm also a deeply experienced facilitator and group-process designer, so I'm eager to interact differently and engage with audiences. They're not really audiences anymore, anyway, right?

Don't use me if you need filler, or if you have a group that says it wants to be challenged, but really doesn't. I've been there, and am not that interested. I can deliver an entreé your clients or participants won't forget.

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Strategy Development

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University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School: MBA, International Business 1985

University of California, Irvine: BA, Economics 1980

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John Seely Brown, Independent Co-chairman at Deloitte Center for the Edge |

I never fail to learn new insights from Jerry's talks. First he intrigues, then he unfolds his insights and then he suggests new pathways ahead that enable me to act on the insights. By the end of his talks I feel like I own his ideas in a way that they become part of me. And his use of presentational materials – his mind maps – excites and illuminates. Why didn’t I think of that?? Well, once you see his visionary and far reaching mind maps you say to yourself, wow – not only does this guy have compelling ideas but he has a unique tool set to help accelerate sense making and communication. So by the end of his talks I realize he is a true maestro orchestrating ideas, tools and concepts that stun and excite me to action.

Event Appearances (2)

Six Kinds of Innovation

London Business School, WDHB  Multiple

What If We Trusted You?

TEDxCopenhagen  Copenhagen, Denmark


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The Dark Side of Innovation

We tend to think of innovation as always beneficial, yet there are many ways in which it isn't. Incumbents innovate to defend themselves against challengers. Innovators with faulty conceptual models build efficient ways of doing the wrong thing. Positive innovation can learn a lot by learning about the dark side.



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3000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee