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Jesse Ferrell - JessTalk Speaking & Coaching Firm. Las Vegas, NV, US

Jesse Ferrell

Managing Partner | JessTalk Speaking & Coaching Firm


Jesse is a best selling author, international speaker and life coach and one of the most respected authorities in his subject. He has reshap





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Jesse Ferrell is an experienced well trained professional who has been serving, coaching and energizing individuals, key professionals, executives and senior executives for more than twenty years. He partners with people in a global sense to help them improve the quality of their lives in some way. Jesse enjoys the challenge of leading leaders in a world of shifting priorities!

Jesse’s clients appreciate his ability to help them get organized, stop procrastinating and take charge of their personal and professional aspirations. He remains very proud of the more than 75,600 hours he has amassed in life coaching, executive training and delivering international and domestic keynotes and workshops.

Jesse attended the University of Nevada at Las Vegas on multiple academic scholarships where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a second Bachelors of Science degree in Hotel Administration. He has worked in the hospitality industry for the past thirty years in positions ranging from bus boy to Executive Director of Casino Marketing. He spent six years as an adjunct professor teaching senior level casino marketing classes at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

While Jesse is proud of being a recognized published author of multiple articles and books, he is very proud of his continual quest for the advancement of personal and professional development.

Clients appreciate Jesse for his positive and objective communication skills, ability to troubleshoot organizational challenges and mentor them through solution based thinking. His clients range from individuals, entrepreneurs to CEO’s in corporate America. Jesse will help you ‘raise the bar’ on your time management skills in order to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.

Jesse has unlocked the key to true human potential and stimulates ‘a call to action’ that inspires others to tap into the reservoirs of self-motivation. He practices excellent active listening skills and responds well to reading and hearing his clients. You will be captivated by the new twist that Jesse puts on the notion of solution based thinking followed by action. He maintains a positive attitude of let’s “just get it done”, as you are coached effortlessly through customized presentations of action plans.

Industry Expertise (3)

Hotels and Resorts

Training and Development

Corporate Leadership

Areas of Expertise (3)

Sales & Marketing

Leadership Development

Customer Service

Accomplishments (1)

University of Nevada Las Vegas Art scholarship & Hotel Administration scholarship (personal)

Earned 2 separate scholarships for fine arts and hotel administration

Education (1)

University of Nevada Las Vegas: Fine Arts & Hotel Administration, Fine Arts & Hotel Administration 1982

Also studied philosophy and major eastern religions

Sample Talks (1)

Simplify Your Entire Life - Relatinships Matter

Jesse will share stories and strategies of how important it is to create synergy! He will deliver a message that you will remember and find yourself compelled to put his training and key principles and effective results-oriented philosophies, concepts and actions into motion right away. Audience members will be moved by Jesse's edutainment style of delivering take away points that stick? The participants will learn how to become more powerful in relationship development and share these concepts with their management and staff thus empowering them thus strengthening the organization overall.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader


2000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee