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Jesse Stommel - University of Mary Washington. Fredericksburg, VA, US

Jesse Stommel Jesse Stommel

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies | University of Mary Washington

Fredericksburg, VA, UNITED STATES

Dr. Stommel focuses on faculty development and digital education.









Jesse Stommel is founding director of Hybrid Pedagogy, a digital journal of learning, teaching and technology and co-founder of the Digital Pedagogy Lab. An advocate for pedagogy and the public digital humanities, he has worked in faculty development in various ways since 2003.
A documentary filmmaker, he teaches courses about digital pedagogy, film and new media. He experiments relentlessly with learning interfaces, both digital and analog, and works in his research and teaching to emphasize new forms of collaboration.
Besides Mary Washington, Dr. Stommel has held faculty positions at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Marylhurst University.

Areas of Expertise (3)

Digital Humanities Digital Pedagogy Faculty Development

Education (1)

University of Colorado Boulder: Ph.D.

Media Appearances (9)

Teaching the Students We Have, Not the Students We Wish We Had

The Chronicle of Higher Education  print


Today’s college students are radically different from the students occupying college classrooms even a decade ago.

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Professors Share: The Moment That Changed the Way I Teach

The Chronicle of Higher Education  print


My first semester of college at University of Colorado at Boulder, I was eager as can be.

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Q&A: 2 Digital Learning Devotees Evaluate Their Progress

Inside Higher Ed  online


Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris examine their evolving thoughts on classroom technology and online education.

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One Way to Show Students You Care — and Why You Might Want to Try It

The Chronicle of Higher Education  online


When professors write course policies, they draw on past experiences with students, said Jesse Stommel, executive director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at the University of Mary Washington.

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I’m Not Ready to Quit Grading

The Chronicle of Higher Education  online


And just last October, a blog post called "Why I Don’t Grade" was retweeted onto my Twitter timeline maybe 25 times. Written by Jesse Stommel, executive director of teaching and learning technology at the University of Mary Washington, it breaks down the many reasons why he doesn’t grade his students’ individual assignments. Grades, he writes, "are the biggest and most insidious obstacle to education" — failing as incentive, as feedback, as sign of learning, or as assurance of fairness.

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What Is Your Position on Citation?

The Chronicle of Higher Education  online


In an excellent 2014 blog post, Jesse Stommel, now the executive director of teaching and learning technologies at the University of Mary Washington, provided a neat summary of the debate over the teaching of rules in writing classrooms.

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Laptops And Phones In The Classroom: Yea, Nay Or A Third Way?



What you're really talking about when you talk about laptop bans, says Jesse Stommel, is student freedom.

"Ultimately, I see strict laptop policies (and especially blanket bans) as a form of control," explains Stommel, who directs the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va.

And that, he tells NPR, is a bad thing. "I don't think the attention of students is actually something teachers can or should control."...

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Do Professors Need Automated Help Grading Online Comments?

Inside Higher Ed  


Jesse Stommel, executive director of the division of teaching and learning technologies at the University of Mary Washington, and founding director of the Hybrid Pedagogy journal, said that he found Blackboard’s proposal to evaluate student writing in this way to be alarming. “There is certainly space for technology to help us create dialogue in an online class, but using a technology to assess the success of a discussion, ultimately it reduces student engagement to a rote series of behaviors. ‘Write a comment of 60 words, citing two sources, responding to at least one of your classmates’ -- those kinds of behaviors do not make a discussion successful. They’re arbitrary markers.”...

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New Salvo Against Turnitin

Inside Higher Ed  


In the essay, published by Hybrid Pedagogy, an online journal affiliated with Digital Pedagogy Lab, authors Sean Michael Morris, of Middlebury College, and Jesse Stommel, of the University of Mary Washington, decry Turnitin’s model of profiting off students’ work and intellectual property, especially in the age of big data...

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Articles (1)

The Course as Container: Distributed Learning and the MOOC Global Innovation of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Sean Michael Morris, Jesse Stommel


Critics of MOOCs and connected learning environments in general assert that they are too susceptible to neoliberal motivations, that MOOCs propose to replace 1000 local instructors with one famous one, and that the “disruption” that MOOCs promise will ultimately be the disruption of traditional academic culture altogether. Certainly, this anxiety is worth exploring, for, as we know, no technological platform, no code, is ideologically neutral. However, to eschew the methodologies of online communities—which, in terms of new media practices, certainly pre-date the first MOOCs because they run the risk of being co-opted is reactionary...

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