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Jessica Emick, PhD - Fielding Graduate University. Cleveland, OH, US

Jessica Emick, PhD Jessica Emick, PhD

Doctoral Faculty - Clinical Psychology | Fielding Graduate University


Developmental Psychology, Psychometrics, Autism, School Based Consultation



Jessica Emick is a member of the doctoral faculty in the School of Psychology and Associate Director of Clinical Training.

Industry Expertise (3)



Training and Development

Areas of Expertise (9)


Pediatric Psychology

School Based Consultation

Neurodevelopmental Issues

Therapy With Children and Families

Development of Executive Functioning

Assessment Issues Related to Infants and Young Children

Developmental Psychology

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies

Accomplishments (2)

CAPS Dissertation Award (professional)

(2006) Awarded by University of Maryland Department of Counseling and Personnel Services

Excellence in Psychology Award, (professional)

(2001) Awarded by University of Toledo (Cash Award)

Education (2)

University of Maryland: PhD, Psychology 2007

University of Northern Colorado: MA, Psychology 2003

Affiliations (4)

  • Ohio Psychological Association : Member
  • American Psychological Association : Member
  • American Educational Research Association : Member
  • Society for Developmental Pediatrics : Member

Event Appearances (5)

ASD Assessment and Treatment: DSM-V Changes and the National Standards Project

(2012) Texas Speech and Hearing Language Association Event  San Antonio, TX

Topics related to assessment of autism

(2008) Pediatric Grand Rounds Topics  Cleveland Clinic Hospital, Cleveland, OH

Ways to develop a child’s self-esteem

(2008) Westlake Early Childhood PTA  Westlake, CA

Campus Impact - School Bullying Prevention

(2008) Bullying and School Violence Prevention Conference  Westlake, CA

Practical ways to improve a child's educational success

(2005-2006) Enhancing School Success  University of Maryland

Articles (6)

Practical Social Skills for Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Review.

(2012) National Psychologist

Non-edited review by request

Inspecting the Validity of Large-Scale Assessment Score Inferences for ELLs and Others under More Optimal Testing Conditions—Does it Measure Up?

(2007) WESTED

Kopriva, R., Wiley, D.E., Emick, J.E.

Paper commissioned for the Assessment and Accountability Comprehensive Center, WESTED, San Francisco, CA.

The influence of maternal sensitivity and maternal stimulation on later development of executive functioning via structural equation modeling

(2007) Doctoral Dissertation, University of Maryland

Doctoral Dissertation, University of Maryland, College Park, DRUM, 1903/6771.

Do proper accommodation assignments make a difference? Examining the impact of improved decision making on scores for English language learners

Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice

(2007) Does it matter if students are appropriately assigned to test accommodations? Using a randomized method, this study found that individual students assigned accommodations keyed to their particular needs were significantly more efficacious for English language ...

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Exploring individual and item factors that affect assessment validity for diverse learners: Results from a large-scale cognitive lab

Learning and Individual Differences

(2006) A cognitive lab technique (n= 156) was used to investigate interactions between individual factors and item factors presumed to affect assessment validity for diverse students, including English language learners. Findings support the concept of access—an ...

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Comparison of efficacy and age discrimination between psychology and nursing students

Gerontology & Geriatrics

(2006) This study considered two types of age discrimination (youth and elder) and related scale scores for 108 psychology students and 81 nursing students. The current study found that although the nursing students had a significantly larger number of courses related to ...

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