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Jill Harrington - salesSHIFT, a division of potential2performance. Markham, ON, CA

Jill Harrington

President | salesSHIFT, a division of potential2performance

Markham, ON, CANADA

Thought provoking, entertaining and never off the shelf, a sales expert that gets you to think and act differently so you see big results.


“The most powerful, and under-utilized, opportunity to differentiate you and your company in today’s crowded business environment is through your sales approach.
Because so few do this well. And it’s tough for your competition to replicate.”

The market demands a different sales approach. Buyers' expectations of sales professionals have evolved, buying processes have shifted, and competition for time, attention and money is fierce. And while almost 75% of sellers believe that their sales approach differentiates them from their competitors, only 3% of their customers say they do this extremely effectively.

It’s time to close the gap.

I fell into a sales career when I arrived in North America, from the UK, with an impressive marketing background that was of little use on a different continent. So when I was offered a position in sales I jumped. Hard work, coupled with an insatiable appetite for continuous learning, provided me an extraordinary sales career that eventually led to the executive suite. As an executive, I spoke around the world on the topic of sales effectiveness. I was, and continue to be, frustrated by the number of talented sales professionals who fall short of achieving their full sales potential because they have failed to adapt their approach, and so in 2002 I knew it was time to make my passion my career.

I’ve lived in three countries, spoken on four continents, and I invest heavily in studying with other sales / experts. My worst nightmare is to become a dinosaur. The planet is already littered with them.

And the official specs ... Jill has helped improve business top lines and bottom lines for a range of industries including business services, hospitality, travel, finance, technology, insurance, media and telecommunications. She has held executive and sales leadership positions in national and global performance improvement companies, where she developed a reputation as an industry leader in developing and motivating sales organizations to drive improved business performance.

Jill received her university education in the UK. She has advanced business education from Western University’s Ivey Business School, holds coaching credentials through the Adler School of Professional Coaching, and earned her certificate in adult education from St. Francis Xavier University.

In addition to her monthly salesSHIFT e-magazine she has written for business publications in North America.

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GET RELEVANT! Create powerful differentation in highly competitive markets.

The market has changed. Unfortunately many sellers haven’t. And, if the messages you deliver, the questions you ask, the proposals you present, the processes you use, and the services you offer are no longer relevant … guess what? Neither are you. Every seller is seeking ways to differentiate him or her in an ocean of sameness. Trouble is, you’re looking in the wrong direction. Here’s my simple truth … “Sellers need to stop overcomplicating the sales process – and get relevant!” Learn the five essential shifts required to assure your ongoing relevance in an unpredictable business environment – so that you win bigger sales faster, and for the long-term.



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