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Jill Panté - University of Delaware. Newark, DE, US

Jill Panté

Director, Lerner College Career Services Center | University of Delaware


Prof. Panté can comment on workplace issues such as hiring, professional etiquette, personal branding, interviewing, and job search.






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Day 1 Workshop Creating Your Brand University of Delaware’s Lerner Executive Mentoring Program UD Lerner 2019




Jill Gugino Panté is the director of the Lerner Career Services Center. She has been with the University of Delaware for over 15 years and in higher education for almost 20 years.

Previously, Panté served in the Peace Corps focused on health education. After her service, she traveled the world and returned to the United States to serve as a leader in an AmeriCorps VISTA program where she recruited and led a team to create mentoring and tutoring programs in underserved K-12 schools.

In addition to managing the Lerner Career Services Center, Ms. Pante also teaches MBA and undergraduate courses covering topics around career agility, branding, communication and the entrepreneurial mindset.

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What does it mean if you are bored at work?

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Jill Gugino Panté, director of the Lerner Career Services Center at the University of Delaware, says boredom at work could definitely be a sign that you are not interested in what you’re doing and/or the direction of the department/ company. She added the following:There is nothing more UN-motivating than not believing in what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. This lack of motivation or shared sense of purpose could easily turn into boredom because employees will revert to doing the basic tasks expected of them. They will go through the motions of completing their work and avoiding contributing creative or innovative ideas. For employees who find themselves in this position, some self-reflection is in order. Do a likes and dislikes inventory of your job responsibilities, company, supervisor and co-workers. Turn that “likes” column into the blueprint of creating a new path for yourself.

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Professional in Human Resources: PHR, Certification

University of Delaware: MEd, Counseling in Higher Education 2005

University of Dayton: BS, Criminal Justice 1997