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Jim Czegledi - People Care Skills. Toronto, ON, CA

Jim Czegledi

Speaker, Consultant & Coach | People Care Skills

Toronto, ON, CANADA

People Care Skills for Care-Based Businesses



Jim speaks professionally to care-based organizations and associations across North America. As an ordained minister and former National Staff Executive his unique perspective comes from dealing with both families and the care businesses that serve them

He shows care professionals how to improve their performance by better managing their responses during emotionally difficult situations. In short, he teaches people how to be their best when others are at their worst.

Jim’s model is: Better staff self-care leads to fuller employee engagement which leads to better relationships and more repeat and referral revenue.

His speaking, training and coaching programs are delivered onsite or online.

Clients use their improved perspective and interpersonal skills to elevate performance and employee engagement which increases community referrals and revenue.

Elevated employee engagement levels naturally lead to more repeat and referral business through word of mouth and relationship marketing.

With Dr. Jim’s help businesses are more intentional and disciplined in their interactions internally with colleagues and externally with clients and their families.

Jim’s programs & coaching help businesses save money (better employee retention and recruitment)
and make money (more calls & better employee engagement.)

Just one additional confirmation call from a family - or even a slight improvement in staff retention - and Jim’s programs pay for themselves 10 fold or more.

Connect with Jim and get a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation.

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Bishop's University, U. of Toronto, Pittsburgh T.S.: Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral

Testimonials (2)

Phil Crawford, VP Morley Bedford Funeral Service | Morley Bedford Funeral Service

“I have known Dr. Jim for a better part of 30 years. Dr. Jim has dedicated his life serving others and I have professionally called upon him to assist in a families time of need officiating at funerals. Dr. Jim’s effective and sensitive message along with his ability to communicate with families are the strengths he has developed over the years.”

Paul Needham, Owner/Managing Director | Westview Funeral Chapel

“I first began working with Jim 25 years ago and have conducted many funerals with him. He understands the business side of a funeral but, most importantly, he understands what a family needs and how to get them there. Jim’s ability to combine sensitivity, industry knowledge and humour was both comforting and inspiring to those he served. From a Director’s perspective it was always good to know that when I recommended Jim to a family I was going to hear positive feedback after the funeral.”

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Let’s face it. It’s more efficient and less expensive to have a satisfied group of existing clients out in the community as ambassadors for your services than it is to continually spend your marketing dollars trying to reach strangers. This is what word of mouth and referral-based marketing is all about. The #1 way to get referrals is to build trust and rapport with existing client families. The good news is that building rapport is a learnable skill. It’s not a gift that some people have and others don’t. It is a skill that any team can master. Imagine the return on your investment if every client walked away from their experience with you as an unpaid salesperson for your services! Jim’s message is: rapport leads to referrals and revenue. If you are in a care based business you are in the personal relationship business and you need to develop rapport with people in order to drive growth. This is the key to developing more repeat and referral calls. Just imagine what positive word of mouth will mean to your business? Client-family and friends referrals lead to: - Higher conversions from inquiry calls - Better reputation in the community - Stronger brand recognition Expected outcomes: - Turn satisfied customers into loyal brand ambassadors - Attract more referrals and word of mouth business by delivering higher service levels - Learn practical inreach & outreach relationship marketing strategies Main take away: Discover the skills needed to create a superior image or a better name in your community and build a broader base for ongoing business



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2500 to 7000

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Imagine that after every funeral 2 or 3 attendees became your good will ambassadors and told 2 or 3 other people about the great service you provided. How much would this positive word of mouth mean to your business? What if you were able to turn those original 2 or 3 attendees into 8 or 9? What difference would that make? Each funeral is an opportunity and audition. When you deliver exceptional service to families you also have an incredible opportunity to turn everybody in attendance into an ambassador for your business. These new unpaid brand ambassadors will not only use your services in the future but also recommend you to friends, family and others in their network going forward. This word of mouth marketing can lead to exponential growth by introducing you to new clients at every service. In this 90 minute 3 self contained part course you will learn the principles and programs to be effective in relationship marketing and implement them into your business growth plan. This program is ideal if your current online or social marketing strategies are not working for you the way you want and you are looking to compliment it with cost-free opportunities to grow your business.

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With more intense competition in the funeral industry it is more important than ever to get in front of community and religious groups as a way to market your services. EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS LEAD TO MORE INQUIRIES AND CALLS. Getting in front of these groups for pre-planning seminars and presentations is not difficult. But delivering an exceptional one that brings in new and repeat calls is where many funeral businesses fail to maximize their impact. The best way to be asked to present at more of these events is to have a great presentation. Having great message is essential to growing your business and expanding your reputation in the community.

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