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Jim Czegledi - People Care Skills. Toronto, ON, CA

Jim Czegledi Jim Czegledi

Speaker, Consultant & Coach | People Care Skills

Toronto, ON, CANADA

People Care Skills for Care-Based Businesses



Jim Czegledi helps care professionals in the funeral and retirement industries enhance their people skills to better manage their responses to people in various situations. In short, he teaches people how to be their best when the families they serve are at their worst.

Clients use their improved perspective and communication skills to elevate performance and employee engagement which increases productivity and results.

Improved customer satisfaction leads more referrals while increasing the reputation of your facility in the community.

For more than 30 years Jim has been speaking professionally. As an ordained minister and National Staff Executive, he helped develop church leaders across the country.

For his doctoral degree he studied the influence of the Baby Boom generation. This knowledge is the lens through which he understands the generational changes that are affecting, and will continue to disrupt the care industry over the coming decades.

Jim's enthusiasm and insight works with both small groups or large audiences. People say that his motivating, fun style is thought and laugh provoking, and that he combines wisdom with wit.

If you would like to discuss the needs of your particular business, association, or group, contact me directly at or call me at 416 799 9590.

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Bishop's University, U. of Toronto, Pittsburgh T.S.: Bachelor, Masters, Doctoral

Testimonials (2)

Phil Crawford, VP Morley Bedford Funeral Service | Morley Bedford Funeral Service

“I have known Dr. Jim for a better part of 30 years. Dr. Jim has dedicated his life serving others and I have professionally called upon him to assist in a families time of need officiating at funerals. Dr. Jim’s effective and sensitive message along with his ability to communicate with families are the strengths he has developed over the years.”

Paul Needham, Owner/Managing Director | Westview Funeral Chapel

“I first began working with Jim 25 years ago and have conducted many funerals with him. He understands the business side of a funeral but, most importantly, he understands what a family needs and how to get them there. Jim’s ability to combine sensitivity, industry knowledge and humour was both comforting and inspiring to those he served. From a Director’s perspective it was always good to know that when I recommended Jim to a family I was going to hear positive feedback after the funeral.”

Sample Talks (1)


MANAGE YOUR "BUSY" BETTER - USING YOUR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SKILLS FOR HIGHER PERFORMANCE Best audience: Professional Associations and Corporate Employees In care based businesses such as retirement and funeral facilities employees are tasked with dealing with clients and families during some of the most difficult periods of their lives. Emotional intelligence is one of the most important skills any employee can bring to the table. Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for people skills. Better emotional intelligence and people skills equals better productivity and performance for you and your team because it allows you to understand and connect with clients beyond the purely transactional. In addition to better engagement with clients emotional intelligence also helps with internal employee interactions and communication, leading to a more efficient workplace. Dr. Jim's program weaves important lessons on emotional intelligence with stories and real life examples that brings the subject to life and lead to: Higher customer satisfaction More employee engagement Higher performance Greater profitability Discover the CARE emotional intelligent skills that lead to top performance and success. Main take away: Participants will build trust and establish rapport quicker with clients and co-workers.



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