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Jim Long - Verge New Media. Washington, DC, US

Jim Long

Principal and Founder, Verge New Media; NBC News Media Disruptor/Content Creator | Verge New Media


Cooking instructions: Add one part new media soul with one part old media body, stir gently, and enjoy a media disruptor / content creator!





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I’m Jim Long and I have a practical, pragmatic approach to how brands (personal or corporate) can use social media to come out from behind the curtain, show their human side, and find their brand champions within, to get their message out.

I’m a veteran, Washington, DC based, network news cameraman currently working for one of the original three broadcasters. I’m also an entrepreneur and I started Verge New Media, LLC because I see opportunity where others see challenge in the media industry. Verge New Media is my “side hustle”, something any savvy legacy media worker should have.

Sometimes people ask me to speak before groups and share my personal story about building trust on the web. If you’re looking for someone to help you do that, I would love to hear from you.

I also have twenty years of behind-the-lens television experience. I know video – much better than most. Before you embark on a video project upon the advice that video is “easy”, you should call me. Video is a tricky medium. Done well, it can have tremendous impact. Done poorly, it can make a really smart brand look…well… not so smart. I can help with that too.

Over the years, I’ve built a strong reputation for fierce dedication to my craft as a visual storyteller. My camera has witnessed history and I’ve traveled the globe covering Presidents, heads of state, and world-changing events. I’m the guy who consistently delivers under the most high pressure, high profile assignments – despite technical, logistical, time and budget challenges. Simply put – when it really counts, they send me.

I see the social web transform our assumptions about media – who controls it, who creates it, and who profits from it. I watch as blogging, podcasting,Twitter – these tools of social currency – shift millions of peoples’ attention from the media brands they grew up with to content created by neighbors, friends, or strangers across the globe.

I fully embraced the social web long before it was fashionable for old media. Why? Because I saw it for what it was – a game changer for old guard media, governments, brands and people like you and me. The forces that disrupt and challenge traditional models are an accelerator of innovation and opportunity elsewhere.

As the lines blur between web video and “regular TV”, a whole new breed of television is being developed. Verge New Media was born of this innovation fueled opportunity.

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How a Traditional Media Pro became a New Media Pioneer

Social India Conference  Skype Session from Washington DC


Social TV: Exploring Whether News Organizations Have Effectively Been Able to Spark Conversations around Hard News Broadcasts Both Locally and Nationally

140 Characters Conference NYC  New York City


Social Media: Best Practices in Journalism

Journalism Interactive Conference  University of Maryland


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How a Traditional Media Pro became a New Media Pioneer

Over the years, Jim built a strong reputation for fierce dedication to his craft as a visual storyteller. His camera has witnessed history and he has traveled the globe covering US presidents, foreign heads of state, and world-changing events. In this workshop, Jim will outline why he became one of the very first traditional media professionals to embrace and leverage social media, and why he saw opportunity where others in the media industry saw challenge.


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