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Jim McNeill Jim McNeill

Founder | Ice Warrior Expeditions

Windsor, United Kingdom, Berkshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Explorer, Founder of Ice Warrior



Leadership, motivation, performance, I'm passionate about getting the very best out of people and my expertise is continually put to the test at Ice Warrior. These are novices from all walks of life and echelons of society training to achieve something quite extraordinary. Extraordinarily testing both physically and mentally but also purposeful and worthwhile.
Having started my working life as an Environmental Research Scientist and having spent 28 years exploring the most remote regions on Earth I'm wholly motivated to deliver the reality of global climate change to ordinary people in a way we can all understand and in an effort to get everyone to appreciate their own environment, perhaps a little better.
Recent TV productions include BBC Frozen Planet, BBC Human Planet, BBC Last Explorers.

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Queen Elizabeth's Boys School:

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  • Member of Captain Scott Society
  • Director Arctic Expeditions for Frozen Isthmuses Protection Campaign
  • VP Arctic Expeditions for Sea Research Society
  • Friend of SPRI
  • Chair, Explorers Club - British and Western European Chapter
  • Fellow of Royal Geographical Society
  • Member of Royal Scottish Geographical Society

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Leadership Leadership is all about the individual. Effective leadership is all about that individual performing. World-renowned explorer Jim McNeill has been developing and leading teams for the last 35 years, not only in the most extreme environments on earth but also in commerce, the military and the emergency services. Throughout his career, Jim has selected trained & led teams in situations where lives can be saved and lost and businesses succeed or fail on the quality of leadership and cali


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