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Jim Stikeleather - Dell. Tampa, FL, US

Jim Stikeleather

Chief Innovation Officer | Dell


Rev up the engines of your event and glimpse the future with Dell's Chief Innovation Officer, who explains & evaluates emerging technologies



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For more than 30 years, Jim Stikeleather has designed, developed and implemented award winning information and communications technologies that help businesses and institutions succeed.

Currently, Jim serves as Chief Innovation Officer for Dell Services where he leads a team of information technology and business experts who identify, evaluate and assess the future potential of new technologies, business models and processes to address evolving business, economic and social trends for the company and customers.

He has spoken and consulted internationally on digital infrastructures, evaluation of emerging technologies, and provided strategic guidance on their application to achieve business outcomes. He participates in international technology standards bodies, has multiple book and industry-article contributions to his credit and advises a number of technology incubators. Additionally, Jim holds two patents.

Jim’s leadership experience includes technology based services start-ups and turnarounds as well as the information technology departments within large global enterprises.

Industry Expertise (10)

Computer/Network Security


Computer Hardware

VC and Private Equity

Computer Software

IT Services/Consulting

Information Technology and Services


Computer Networking

Management Consulting

Areas of Expertise (9)

Business Planning and Modeling

Influencing Organizational Innovation

Unlocking Business Innovation in the Social Enterprise

Software Development Environments and Methods

Software as A Service

Product Management

Process Engineering

Cloud Computing

Enterprise Architecture

Accomplishments (2)

Author (professional)

Business Innovation in the Cloud: Executing on Innovation with Cloud Computing is a book about executing on innovation in the 21st Century world of exponential and unpredictable change. The book, in an innovative multimedia format, provides an agenda for enabling innovation in your organization, and lays out a strategy framework for execution by harnessing the revolutionary business platform, the Cloud.

Chief Innovation Officer – Dell (professional)

The Dell Services Office of Innovation focuses on "around the corner" "over the horizon" futurecasting—looking at economic, social, demographic, legal, regulatory, business and technology trends to see how the world "wants" to change, and how technology can enable, facilitate or accelerate those changes. These futurecasts are then used to construct a future vision, the role Dell Services will play in that future vision and points of view on how to get to that future.

Education (2)

Texas Christian University: Bachelor of Science, Computer Science 1976

University of South Florida: MBA 1987

Event Appearances (19)

Business Innovation in the Cloud

Cloud Connect Conference  Santa Clara, California


The Importance of Innovation

Innovation Academy Speaker Series  Dublin, Ireland


KEYNOTE SPEECH – Holes in the Whole: Crafting Security for the Pervasive Web

The Open Group Conference San Diego  San Diego, California


What Every CEO needs to know about the Cloud

Cloud Connect Conference  Santa Clara, California


Cloud Computing – It’s not about technology

Corporate IT Exchange 2011  Munich, Germany


The Economic Promise of Cloud Computing

AmCham EU Cloud Computing Expert Seminar  Brussels, Belgium


Next Generation Computing / Next Generation Security

Department of Energy Cyber Security Conference  Atlanta, Georgia


KEYNOTE SPEECH – Creating Systemic Innovation: Assessing Your Organization's Innovation DNA

Frost and Sullivan’s 7th Annual Global Innovations in New Product Development and Market Strategy, 2011  San Diego, California



6th Annual Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop  Oak Ridge, Tennessee


KEYNOTE SPEECH – Innovation: The Invisible Gorilla

NASA IT Summit 2010  National Harbor, Maryland


Drivers of Innovation

Leadership in Innovation and R&D Forum  New York City


The Risks and Rewards of an Enterprise Cloud Strategy

CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony  Rancho Palos Verdes, California


Innovation All the Time and Everywhere

MIX Mashup 2012  San Francisco, California


Getting Beyond Tomorrow

Dallas CIO Executive Summit  Dallas, Texas


The World is a Tetrahedral Complex

GIL 2012: Silicon Valley  San Jose, California


Executive Roundtable: How to Bolster the Impact of Today's CIO

2012 CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony  Rancho Palos Verdes, California


Unlocking Business Innovation in the Social Enterprise

2012 CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony  Rancho Palos Verdes, California


KEYNOTE SPEECH – Innovation: The Only Sustainable Advantage

Back End of Innovation Conference  Boston, Massachusetts


Strategic View of Secure Computing in 2030

The Open Group Conference  Austin, Texas


Sample Talks (5)

Leadership in Technology: How to Bolster the Impact of Today’s CIO

In a time of increasing business change, there’s a movement towards the decentralization of IT resources, along with an increase in externally delivered cloud-based technologies. Increasingly, the CIO must be viewed less as the deliverer of technology resources and more as the driver of innovation and transformation within each enterprise – and industry. Join Mr. Stikeleather for a discussion on the topic of how to increase the relevance of the CIO in today’s changing business environment.

Creating Systemic Innovation: Assessing Your Organization’s Innovation DNA

The term “innovation,” when correctly understood, refers to a new way of doing something. It may be an incremental and emergent change, or it could be a radical and revolutionary shift in thinking, products, processes or organizations. This presentation will explore the difference between “invention” (an idea made manifest) and “innovation” (ideas applied successfully in practice) with key insights for accelerating forward momentum and balancing organizational risk taking.

Unlocking Business Innovation in the Social Enterprise

As new business models emerge from the confluence of rapid technology change, expanding customer power and vertical market realignment, your company’s future depends on striking the right balance between innovation and efficiency. The main source of new products, services and process improvements will be coming directly from customers and online communities. Join Jim Stikeleather for this expert session on using IT to enable and accelerate business innovation in this new ecosystem.

The Risks and Rewards of an Enterprise Cloud Strategy

This session will be on developing the best path for your organization’s cloud strategy. What should successful IT organizations be doing to enable the business by deploying the right mix of architectures? How does the accelerating pace of change in managing applications, data and existing infrastructure have an impact on your journey to a cloud strategy? With security, governance, business process alignment and application management as considerations, we’ll weigh the risks of cloud computing.

Getting Beyond Tomorrow

A fundamental shift is happening in the delivery and consumption of technology which is transforming IT and businesses. What social, economic, legal, regulatory, market, business and technology trends are driving this shift, and what can CIOs do to address it? This presentation will explore different models of innovation – Sustaining Innovation, Disruptive Innovation and Planned Innovation – as well as discuss myths about innovation that interfere with the potential contribution of IT.


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