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Joann Lim - Big Picture. Fine Focus.. Toronto, ON, CA

Joann Lim

Making It Happen Specialist & Connoisseur of Life | Big Picture. Fine Focus.

Toronto, ON, CANADA

A Sassy & Saavy Connoisseur of Life who empowers you to PLAY BIG, Be Exceptional and Unleash Greatness!





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Joann Lim is a Connoisseur of Life, Making It Happen Specialist, internationally certified Professional Coach, and Thursday Night Soccer Player. She is a world traveller, a foodie, and a magnet for incrediblenss. More than anything, Joann is a dream maker and a resident thrillionaire (see

Making It*Happen (*it defined by you)...For Joann, It* is about bringing back the human side to humanity, one smile, one encounter, one moment, one Make It Happen (MIH) Challenge/Opportunity at a time empowering and inspiring individuals to become Connoisseurs of their Lives. Joann invites you to create your playground where you can discover, PLAY BIG, pursue the dreams you hold within, and most importantly master what it means to live and be fully alive.

With a background in Psychology and several years of experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors, Joann works with individuals and organizations to be exceptional and unleash greatness, infusing purpose, passion, and possibilities into their everyday. She brings with her a PLAY BIG mentality, the No B.S. rule and an incredible ability to transform "invisible" concepts into everyday understandings and applications, which enable her clients to take their lives to new heights.

Joann currently works with an elite group of Rock Star clients around the world, is a consultant to many profits and non-profits, and sits on the Advisory Board for Biz Bash Media. Some of her past and current clients include Google Canada, ING Direct, Engineers Without Borders, and Seneca College.

Interesting and TRUE facts:
-is a professional learner
-has been on 3 farm vacations
-is a champion cross country runner
-world traveller (has been to over 24 countries, 4 continents)
-plays the piano and flute (with short stints with the accordion and recorder)
-took 10 week sabbatical within first three years in working world
-is allergic to tree nuts and shellfish

“Dying is an inevitable consequence of life; living is man’s privilege.”-Unknown

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Professional Training and Coaching

Think Tanks

Health and Wellness

Areas of Expertise (5)

Strategic Thinking & Everyday Execution

Personal Development


Success & Significance


Education (3)

Western University: Honours Bachelor of Arts, Psychology 2005

School of Life: Honours H.B., Life Science and Art of Living

International Coach Academy: Certified Professional Coach, Professional Coaching 2011

Testimonials (16)

Drew Dudley, Founder & Chief Catalyst | Nuance Leadership Development Services, Inc.

I’ve never met anyone who can more effectively call you on your BS and make you love her for it. The fact is, Joann Lim helps you to hold a mirror up to yourself, your visions, your motivations and your behaviours. She helps you shine a light on the things you’re truly looking for, and unveils the things you are consciously and unconsciously doing to hold yourself back. Honest, thorough, and tremendously genuine at every step, Joann can help you and your organization better understand how you ended up where you are, and what you need to do to get where you want to go. Optimistic without being cheesy, honest without being hurtful, and transformative without being prescriptive, Joann Lim definitely ‘makes it happen!’

Louroz Mercader, President | Mississauga Youth Games (MY Games)

I have had the opportunity to work with Joann Lim on various youth projects within the community and on several committees. As an active and dedicated leader, she has shown outstanding commitment and a true desire to make a difference in the lives of citizens in our city. Joann has been instrumental in bringing on board new stakeholders and volunteers to enhance and grow our program. It is my pleasure to recommend Joann Lim: ambitious, well-rounded and dedicated, she has great potential to succeed even further in the future.

Jim Doucher, Vice President, Finance | Oldcastle Building Envelope

While I was not lucky enough to have worked a long time with Joann, the impact and impression that Joann had on me in a short period was outstanding. Joann brings a rare blend of personality, empathy and strategic thinking to the table with the ability to keep multiple (sometimes contradictory) objectives within sight. Joann would not let anything overshadow the importance of People and the value they bring to the organization! Joann has a successful career ahead of her and I hope our paths cross again some day

Vikki Ali, Sponsored Representative - Resource Development | United Way of Peel Region

It is an honour to recommend Joann. She is a strategic thinker, and combines her creativity with a rare gift of making everyone she interacts with feel welcomed and appreciated. She has industry insight and is focused in her approach to building business relationships. Joann is an optimistic team player and is skilled at inspiring teams and building consensus. She has excellent communication skills and a unique approach that inspires her peers to achieve their goals, and I am consistently impressed by her ability to motivate others. She also has an infectious positive attitude that is very refreshing to be around. She is results driven, determined, dedicated and resourceful- an asset to any organization

Mariet W. Frens, Manager, Global Development Centers | Intercontinental Hotel Group

Working with Joann has guided me through many routes of a journey that has given me, both personally and professionally, the awareness and tools to find, create and follow my purpose. With her expertise, support and passion, Joann has been and is an inspiration. It is a privilege to recommend her and to be working with her

Jay D. Allen, Author of Humans In Training and Humans In Healing/ Keynote Speaker/Seminar Leader, Humans For Giving - Creating A World Of Change | Humans In Healing

Joann is a special person who knows how to help people GIVE the most to life. Her inspirational presence, wisdom and unique way of "seeing" life is truly amazing! She is an example of what it means to live life on purpose, with passion and sincerity, and with true intention to serve the world. It is truly an honor to know this incredible connoisseur of life and I highly recommend her to anyone who is committed to exploring and experiencing their full potential!

Fabien Mowlah-Baksh, Senior Project Manager | Nupress Group

Joann is motivated, enthusiastic and a strong leader, committed to “getting things done”. Her exceptional work ethic and people first approach enables her to create positive experiences for both her team and intended audience. Her creative nature and ability to “make something out of nothing”, never ceases to surprise. Her approach is unique, and with each event she leaves her guests with a positive experience and continues to exceed expectations. Joann’s creativity, professionalism, visionary leadership and ability to achieve results continue to make her an exceptional individual and valuable asset to any organization.

Rev. Dan West, Moderator of West Toronto Presbytery |

Joann is a force to be reckoned with. She has a zest and passion for life that is contagious and she has the uncanny ability to transform any situation. Her smile brightens up the room and her energy and passion breathes life into those around her. Her unwavering commitment to living a fulfilled life and helping others to do the same is incredible. She empowers, energizes and ignites that person within who longs to live and be fully ALIVE. Joann has a great gift and will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of others and thus our world.

Ilana Ben-Ari, Designer & Social Entrepreneur | Twenty-One Toys

Joann is an engaging and passionate speaker who speaks from the heart.

Jeff Lohnes, Account Executive | National Speakers Bureau

Joann and I worked together on various non-profit projects. She is extremely dedicated and very focused on pulling apart a vision and turning it into a reality. She's got a bright personality and really, just knows how to get things done - a brilliant quality to have.

Jennifer Thanasse, Inside Sales Executive | Shaw Media

Joann is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met. She shows a great deal of compassion and care when coaching clients. I have had the joy of working with her previously thru various events and teams, and she is always extremely easy and fun to work with. I have sought out her career and life advise thru her coaching service, and the amount of professionalism and great assistance she provided myself, is unmatched. She will leave her mark on the coaching industry mainly thru the people she has the opportunity to work with. Joann is a great mentor and leader. She is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Bernie Schulze, Senior Draftsperson | Oldcastle Building Envelope

You have been such a positive role model for both the company and us employees. I can’t say how much we have both needed you and appreciated you in all your support and encouragement. I have never worked with someone so dedicated and with such integrity for us all as a team and as individuals. I hope you continue to live out your dreams, Joann. You are what we all hope to be—an inspiration to others and a commitment to be the best you can.

Sylvester Bayowo, Assistant Development Planning Officer, Local Government Service Secretariat, Republic of Ghana | Local Government Services, Republic of Ghana

Thank you for your inspiration. I am grateful and I am thinking. You particularly motivated me to come out of my fears and drawbacks and for that I am grateful.

Dr. Gerrit Pelzer, Managing Director | Vivo Consulting Co., Ltd

I have experienced Joann Lim as a very passionate and a genuinely positive person. She displays an exceptionally high level of energy on a consistent basis, and she is truly multi-talented. Joann has the rare ability of turning any kind of situation around; she knows how to make a challenge fun. If you are looking for someone to bring out the best in individuals and organizations, Joann will be the person you are looking for

Afshin Mousavian, Co-Founder | Daily Challenge

Joann's vibrant personality and positive outlook have created a tremendous amount of value for me! She has a 'get it done' type of attitude that enables and empowers her peers to achieve their goals. If you're experiencing a mental block or looking to unpause, you should definitely consider speaking with her

Petra Zauner, Human Resources & Recruitment Specialist |

I was first introduced to Joann through a mutual friend and within a short time I got to see the incredible person within. Her heart radiates with gratitude, generosity, compassion, and love for those around her. She believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself. She celebrates with you, laughs with you and loves you right where you are and challenges you to pursue all that you hold within. Her life is truly one of purpose, passion and possibility. A phenomenal Make It Happen specialist (coach) and a wonderful person, Joann is a rockstar and will help you Make It Happen in your life.

Event Appearances (4)

Superheroes Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders: African Leadership Program  Toronto, Canada


Unleashing Greatness

ACCESS Charity: 2012 Retreat  Toronto, Canada


Connect the Dots

TEDxYorkU  Toronto, Canada


Unleashing the Superhero Within

Seneca College Leadership Institute  Toronto, Canada


Sample Talks (1)

Unleashing the SuperHero Within

This game changing conversation/workshop is centered around the Super Hero that lives within all of us. It begins with a very real and confronting (yet fun) look at the things that hold us back and why. From there we move into a discovery zone of how to transform these limitations into leveraging powers. The conversation/workshop leaves participants with a sense of wonder and awe: wonder of what other things/thoughts/people are holding them back and awe for what is possible.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Corporate Training


2500 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee