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Job ten Bosch - CoGrowth. Rotterdam, , NL

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Designing & Developing ventures that make a Difference



"A business developer with sales & marketing experience in the fields of clean technology and professional performance."

I have a strong passion for bringing innovations to market.

My background is in Technical, Energy and Innovation Management. Yet, I love to immerse myself in new fields such as persuasion (I recommend reading my book on this topic called "Ik Krijg Altijd Gelijk" ;-) ). Currently, I am passionate about using the science of neurology to improve (online) marketing and sales processes. At the moment I am also developing a toolset focussed on sales of innovations and a model for CleanTech Venture Growth.

Some things I am proud of are:
- Designing and developing the first entrepreneurial growth coöp.
- Launching a self-sustaining CleanTech growth network called CleanTech Business Club.
- Introducing the bio fuel E85 in the Netherlands.
- Helping to create an European Concentrated Solar Power value chain.
- Breaking open a saturated professional education market and making Debatrix a thought leader on using persuasion and rhetoric’s in the professional workspace.
- publishing a crowdsourced book

NOTE: none of the above was done by myself alone. I had -and have- great people working with me. People who I respect and admire and love to work with every day.

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VC and Private Equity


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750 to 2000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee