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Jodi Womack - No More Nylons. Ojai, CA, US

Jodi Womack

Founder | No More Nylons


Building Your Professional Network




Building Your Business Network WIN Conference 2010 Paris Networking presentation




Usually you’ll find Jodi somewhere in the world sipping on a latte. She created her second company, No More Nylons to build community with other professional women.

No More Nylons sponsors the Women’s Business Socials to promote vibrant, worthwhile conversations between local women in business. She launched the Socials in her hometown of Ojai, CA in February 2009 with 13 girlfriends on a cold rainy night. Since then, she’s hosted monthly Socials in Ventura County with as many as 200 women attending. She has met women in business over cocktails and conversations in nearby counties as well as New York and London. She's presented on stage in London, Paris, and Venice as well as local audiences in the USA.

She continues to speak on the positive business effects of networking in person and on line, and enjoys speaking at women’s conferences, leadership workshops and corporate gatherings to humanize the practice of business connections.

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Professional Training and Coaching

Training and Development


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Women in Business

Women Entrepreneurs

Networking in Person


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TEDxOjai Emcee & Coordinator (professional)


I hosted the TEDxWomen conference in Ojai, Calfornia on December 1, 2011 with the help of many dedicated volunteers and 7 fantastic speakers. We showed a live video stream of the main TEDxWomen conference on the movie theater screen as well as hearing from 7 local women on their areas of expertise. I enjoyed welcoming the 200 participants as well as introducing the guest speakers.

Education (2)

University of Santa Monica: MA, Psychology 2003

University of California, Santa Barbara: BA, Environmental Studies: Sustainable Development 1993

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  • Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Alumni

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Dyana Valentine, Speaker | Woke Up Knowing

Jodi has a keen ability to mobilize groups with effervescent, dedicated leadership. She shares and teaches her own brand of business and network development with an accessible, natural style. Jodi engages participation–not only with the material–but also facilitates interaction among participants to grow their businesses with aplomb. I have attended Jodi’s No More Nylons groups and am always moved by Jodi’s effortless leadership. She not only helps us learn simple ways to grow our businesses online and offline, but also serves as an elegant conduit for us to grow our communities! This rare perspective is profound. Jodi is a compassionate, down-to-earth visionary and your world will be that much richer with her presence.

Colleen Wainwright, Branding Consultant | The Communicatrix

“Jodi is less an organizer of people, things and ideas than she is a magician: with a wave of her wand, events come to life, chaos is transformed into order and creativity starts bubbling over. Quite simply, Jodi is one of those deeply smart people who is also deeply wise, but never, ever stuffy about it. There’s a reason everyone wants to work with her once they meet her (and why they work with again and again once they have).”

Carla Rose Fisher, Writer | Said and Sung

Jodi is a world-class speaker and traveler, so her network is vast. She is an incredible resource for pooling talent and for helping those around her learn innovative, timesaving ways to work. You can bet at any given social, the room will be filled with skilled entrepreneurs across all industries, and if you’re good at what you do, Jodi won’t hesitate to recommend you in mid-conversation, pointing you out or pulling you into the conversation. I walked away from the event feeling inspired, supported and rarin’ to go! I highly recommend the Women’s Business Socials to all female professionals.”

Lisa Casoni, Founder | Women in Business Video

Jodi is a dynamic and inspiring speaker who has taken networking for women in business to a whole new level. She has valuable insights into what it takes to grow a business and, through her Women’s Business Socials, creates opportunities monthly for women to meet, build on relationships, share information and grow their businesses.

Allison Stillman, President | Romancing the Divine

Jodi Womack has created a fabulous network where women can come together and feel supported and acknowledged in their individual expressions. Jodi brings her passion and enthusiasm to us all, and has created such a beautiful network of powerful women!!!

Kristi Blicharski, Event Coordinator & Consultant | Creating Your Bliss Media

Jodi is fantastic! She presented a dynamic workshop on how to expand your personal and professional network at a weekend retreat seminar I produced called Love. Your. Life. She inspired the crowd with her own story of how she founded No More Nylons, and shared wonderful tips for meeting new contacts, staying in touch, and bringing ideas into action. She's a talented and personable speaker, a super savvy professional, and doesn't hesitate to jump in and help out with behind the scenes components. I'm so grateful to be connected with Jodi!”

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Building Your Professional Network

Fierce Leadership Summit  USC, Los Angeles, California, USA


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Building Your Professional Network

For shy ladies to extroverted divas: networking is imperative! Meaning, we must do it because it's an important aspect for our career development and professional growth. Being able to meet new people, learn about what they do, and continue to nurture those relationships is a skill we can improve. Attend this session, we?ll practice effective and innovative techniques to build and grow professional communities. Naturally, so you?re at your best. How does networking build your business? We?ll do written and speaking activities where you: review your current levels of networking assess new uses for Social Media and practice using tools to reach out and expand your network. We also discuss the role mentors play as cornerstones to our development and professional success. Finally, we end with an accountability session where you commit to goals and build in timelines and milestones for growing your networks.



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1000 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee