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This experienced and professional speaker empowers people and organizations to move from being successful to significant.





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Joel is a published author, professor, professional speaker and former public school administrator who empowers people to create the conditions in their own lives that will lead them to happiness and success. Joel received his EdS from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He was the professor of the year at Doane College-Lincoln, has served on local, state and national boards, was selected Outstanding Young Man in America and an Outstanding Educator in America. Joel also assisted the University of Nebraska-Lincoln athletic department with their Life Skills Program. His two books, "Out of the Ashes the Resurrection of an Addict" and "Stop Whining and Start Winning: The Power of Life's Choices" have been described as life changing.

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Doane College-Lincoln and Author (professional)


Professor of the Year Author of "Out of the Ashes the Resurrection of an Addict" and "Stop Whining and Start Winning: The Power of Life Choices" To be released in 2013--"The American Public Educational System: A Contrast and Comparison Between 20th Century Learners and 21st Century Learners from the Perspective of a Life Long Learner and Educator"

Author of "Out of the Ashes the Resurrection of an Addict" and "Stop Whining and Start Winning: The Power of Life's Choices" (professional)


These two books have been described as "life changing."

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University of Nebraska-Omaha: EdS, Education Administration 1977

Testimonials (5)

Ron Hilliges, Executive Secretary | Nebraska State Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

"Joel combines his knowledge, experience, education and insight to relate to his audience in an entertaining, informative and motivating way. If your organization needs one of the best speakers available today, Joel Christiansen Speaking Services should be at the top of your list." Ron Hilliges, Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company (402-750-8629)

Otto Schultz, President | Starfish Enterprises

"Joel is an outstanding and engaging presenter. He keeps his audience alive and moving, working with material that improves productivity and enthusiasm for the job. His many years of experience, personal commitment and high level of professionalism make him a joy to work with." Otto Schultz, President, Starfish Enterprises (402-421-3462)

Martha Gadberry, Owner | Gadberry & Associates

"Joel and I become professional colleagues sharing management and communication techniques used to motivate non-traditional college students. His enthusiasm, willingness to overcome adversity, and gratitude for life buoyed my own success as an entrepreneur. Joel is always thought provoking." Martha Gadberry, Owner/Consultant, Gadberry & Associates (402-489-2667)

Tom Moore, Certified Audiologist | Hearing Health Care Centers

"Joel was hired to help me evaluate the management of our family business which was floundering at the time. Because of Joel’s wisdom and guidance, the business was re-energized and became profitable. I would hire Joel in a heartbeat. He kept our business from failing." Tom Moore, former General Managing Partner, Ideal Grocery (505-228-3081)

Ron Hilleges, Secretary, Nebraska State Association of Mutual Insurance Companies | Nebraska state conference of mutual insurance companies

"Joel should be at the top of your list if you are looking for a speaker who is experienced and professional. Joel is an expert in the field of ethics."

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How to Build a Championship School

Lincoln Southwest High School  Lincoln, NE


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Ethics Is Easy When It Becomes a Habit

It is far easier to do the right thing than to explain why you didn't.



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