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Johan Skalberg Johan Skalberg

Educator | Sikaran Konsult AB

Vastra Gotaland County, Sweden, SWEDEN

Trainer & Marketer



Teaching Self Defense, Self Awareness and Self Confidence to Teams, Companies and Individuals to manage challenges and stress.

I have challenged myself into: World Champion in fullcontact stickfighting, President in a International Sport Federation, Navy Diver, Coach and Trainer for Instructors, club owners, teams and individuals who needs to perform outstanding under extreme conditions.

My career has brought me all around the world to work, teach and conduct seminars for tactical, physical and developing purposes.

I'm well known for my passionate and pedagogic way of performance and presentation.

My personal goal is to be an outstanding role model who encourage people to perform their best in all aspects of life all the time.

Industry Expertise (3)

Training and Development

Professional Training and Coaching

Management Consulting

Areas of Expertise (5)

Social Media Marketing

Martial Arts


Professional Trainer

Conflict Management

Education (2)

IHM Business School: DIHM, Marketing 2007

Leadership: Mastery, Personal Development


  • Keynote
  • Workshop Leader