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Embracing Adversity to Reclaim your Positive Perspective


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Does your organization have an annual Symposium or Event? Are you considering doing so in 2014? If so, I would be honored to be your chosen as your Keynote Speaker.
Here’s why:
I have been the Keynote Speaker at dozens of Symposiums for hospitals, medical personnel, caregivers and patients with rave reviews bringing humor, insights, and inspiring stories of personal experiences.
I have learned to live my life to the fullest with Parkinson’s disease for over 11 years and am healthier now (on all levels) than I have ever been.
I relate, on a personal level, with professional caregivers (a former E.M.T.), family caregivers (daughter with CP) and, of course, patients (Parkinson’s Proud since 2002).
My entirely new presentation provides the attendees with the following Tangible Takeaways:
The realization that, despite whatever the disease, we are the same person as we have always been (maybe better for the additional life perspective) and that the disease does not define who we are.
The awareness that each of us still has the power, to a great extent, to determine the course of the disease, if we choose to exercise that power.
A better understanding of the emotional rollercoaster that we each go through and how to soften the curves, moving toward a “Get Over It” mentality more quickly.
How to create a Plan (with Daily Action Steps) to slow, if not reverse, the symptoms of the disease, including forming your own “tribe.”
Getting to the point where you actually Embrace Adversity and Reclaim your Positive Perspective.
Believe that somehow, someway the disease is “For the Best” and have Faith that you will “Find your Purpose.”
And So Much More …….

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Reclaiming Posi-Spective (Positive Perspective)

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General Counsel and HR Manager of Steel Technologies (professional)

John is a trial attorney specializing in employment, labor and general contract law. John is a speaker, workshop facilitator and consultant in proactive workplace harassment elimination, proactive workplace injury reduction and proactive union avoidance ( John also speaks on, and helps, employers properly work with employees who become disabled and represents employees whose employers do not (

Member of National Speakers Association (professional)

Proud of qualifying for full membership within a year.

Adjunct Professor (professional)

I teach the law to undergraduate students in the College of Business at the University of Louisville. I am particularly proud of being selected the Most Inspiring Professor by the University of Louisville Scholar - Athlete of the Year and a 2011 Faculty Favorite.

Education (2)

Cornell Law School: Juris Doctorate, Law 1986

University of Massachusetts: Bachelor of Business Administration, Management 1982

Summa Cum Laude

Affiliations (7)

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • National Speakers Association
  • Parkinson's Disease Foundation
  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Cornell Law School
  • University of Louisville
  • Kentucky Bar Association

Testimonials (2)

Jim Ford, Director | Conn Legacy Society Office of Planned Giving

will be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunities for you to speak. I have blown through about half of the book. I have enjoyed it so far….you weren’t kidding when you said it was an easy read. Very smooth in the delivery of the “life lessons”. Actually feel like I am sitting in the room listening to your story. Not a big reader, but when I picked up your book and started reading, the pages were flipping like crazy. I was serious when I mentioned the fact that I felt like I was sitting down with you as part of the discussion. I have always said the best writers are the ones who make you feel like you are living the story in real time. Just felt very comfortable. Great skill to possess…one I am sure has served you well.

Irene Litvan, Tasch Endowed Professor in Parkinson Disease Research Director of the Movement Disorders Program | UC San Diego, Department of Neurosciences

My Parkinson’s Superstar has to be John Baumann, one of my favorite patients. Diagnosed in 2002 at the age of 41, John worked 6 more years as an executive officer of a major corporation before dedicating his life, on a full-time basis, to making a difference in the Parkinson’s community. John has inspired those with Parkinson’s to live their lives to the fullest, family care partners to realize what a difference they make and how much they are appreciated, and professional healthcare providers to maintain their passion and commitment to the cause. John has traveled far and wide as keynote speaker at symposiums to bring his message of hope and positive perspective (Reclaiming Posi-spective).

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Sunflower Revolution  Cincinnati, Ohio


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John Baumann was a high-powered corporate attorney and motivational success speaker until something happened to change his life forever. Suddenly, he needed a plan to successfully live his life to the fullest. In his talks and book, Decide Success, John shares with us his amazing journey and his 12 action steps to achieve the success you truly desire. These steps teach you how to overcome adversity, get unstuck and become the best you that you can be. Are you a student, a young professional or established in your career looking for more success in both your business and personal life? Want to achieve more in life, but you aren't sure what to do and need a plan of action?Follow John's easy-to-understand, step-by-step process for building your own personalized success plan! Learn the six keys to discover who you really are. Find out how to turn your vision of success into reality. Learn how to increase your energy level and enthusiasm for life. Find out how to develop superior judgment and trust your instincts. Take this fascinating journey with John Baumann and discover how to create the life you love!



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