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John Bland - University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics. Toronto, ON, CA

John Bland John Bland

Professor | University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Professor Bland researches Differential Geometry

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Several Complex Variables

Differential Geometry

Articles (5)

Contact geometry and CR structures onS 3

Acta Mathematica

1994 One of the most beautiful theorems in one complex variable is the Riemann mapping theorem: Any simply connected open set which is a proper subset of C 1 is biholomor- phically equivalent to the unit disc. Moreover, the biholomorphism can be determined either from ...

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The Einstein-Kähler metric on {|z|2+|w|2p

Michigan Math Journal

1986 The function X has been introduced primarily for notational convenience and computational simplicity; however, the importance of this auxilliary function should not be underestimated. For instance, 0< X< 1 on Í2, and X—Í is a local defining function for the smooth strongly ...

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On the existence of bounded holomorphic functions on complete Kähler manifolds

Inventiones Mathematicae

1985 What conditions on the curvature of (M, g) would guarantee i) the existence of bounded holomorphic functions; ii) a bounded holomorphic imbedding F: M~ II~ N for some N> n or iii) that M is biholomorphically equivalent to a bounded domain in {r".

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Local boundary regularity of the canonical Einstein-Kähler metric on pseudoconvex domains

Mathematische Annalen

1983 In [3], SY Cheng and ST Yau established the existence and uniqueness of a complete Einstein-K~ ihler metric on bounded pseudoconvex domains in~" with C 2 boundary; N. Mok and ST Yau have extended this result to arbitrary bounded pseudoconvex domains in~" in ...

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Components of Change Analysis, with Applications to Households in Canada


1978 Components of change analyses involve an adaptation of standardization formulas for allocating change in crude rates to changes in population composition and in specific rates. This article proposes an average components solution to determine the contribution of ...

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