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John Colley - Partner, IAF Capital. Salisbury, Wiltshire, GB

John Colley

Consultant, Mentor and Speaker at The Six Minute Strategist Consulting | Partner, IAF Capital

Salisbury, Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Engaging and Energetic Speaker on the subjects of Business Strategy, Online Marketing and Entrepreneurship





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John began his career as a British Army Officer, graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1984.

After five years service, John elected to change career and entered Finance. The next twenty five years saw him work for a series of major Banking Organisations (ABN Amro, Security Pacific, West DeutscheLandesbank and Societe Generale).

In 2001 John co-founded his first Boutique Advisory firm, Pall Mall Capital and was involved as a co-founder of a second firm, IAF Capital in 2008.

John specialises in the Technology Sector and has expertise in Startups, Business Strategy, Online Marketing, Capital Raising, Mergers and Acquisitions and Exits.

John is the Author of the Six Minute Strategist Blog (, the Online Learning Podcast on iTunes and is a best selling business course creator (+5500 students)

John is a Graduate from Cass Business School (London) with an MBA with Distinction and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments.

Industry Expertise (3)

Media - Online

Investment Banking

Information Technology and Services

Areas of Expertise (3)

Business Strategy

Online Marketing


Education (3)

Cambridge University, United Kingdom: Bachelor of Arts, History 1983

Cambridge University, United Kingdom: Master of Arts, History 1986

Cass Business School, London: Master of Business Administration with Distinction, Business Administration

Tallow Chandlers Prize for the Best Dissertation

Affiliations (1)

  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments

Languages (1)

  • English

Testimonials (11)

Shaun Frolich, UK Partner Manager, Microsoft UK | Microsoft

“John – thank you for a fantastic job well done last week. Your hard work and delivery exceeded our high expectations and the feedback has been universally positive.”

Jerry L., London School of Management and Accountancy | London School of Management and Accountancy

“John delivered a presentation on Integrated Networking to our MBA students, as part of our Enterprise Network Club series of lectures. During his talk John covered the subject of the concise use of Social Networking as an effective tool for connecting with people, who are outside of your immediate professional network but who you should definitely be talking to. John also explained the strategy for breaking down your network into six demographics and which group you should be specifically focussing your business, time and energy on. He went on to provide analysis and data that clearly backed up his strategy and presented it into a bite size formula that he calls the “Six Minute Strategist”, which is also an online blog that John writes every month. Both my students and I found the presentation extremely useful and well delivered. I will be asking John to deliver further talks at our new media school and would recommend my academic colleagues to do the same.”

Matt Young, Connecting Devon & Somerset Partner trainer, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketer | Cosmic Ethical IT

“I saw John give an excellent talk at a conference in Birmingham. His talk, which was late in the day, was the first one on the day delivered with real passion and knowledge. John used the entire stage (unlike others that day) and really kept the audience engaged. He kept my attention throughout and gave excellent, actionable advice which had everyone furiously writing notes.”

Mike Russell, Creative Director | Music Radio Creative

“I highly recommend John as a public speaker on the subjects of entrepreneurship, online marketing and motivation. 

Izabela and I organised the first podcasting conference, this decade in the UK, and John was one of six speakers during the one day event. 

He created an amazing and inspiring speech that inspired attendees during the event and afterwards on Twitter and other social media channels. He encouraged and inspired many of our attendees. I would highly recommend John as a speaker - he's personable, kind and provides great value.”

Jon Buscall, Marketing and Communications Consultant | Jontus Media

I recently heard John speak at UKPod14, a national conference for podcasters in the UK. 

John spoke passionately and knowledgeably about launching and promoting a podcast. 

John's strategic approach to this subject, providing actionable takeaways for any business or entrepreneur looking to add podcasting to their marketing mix, was extremely well received. 

He is an engaging, inspiring and knowledgeable speaker. As someone who has presented on the B2B circuit for numerous years, I've heard a lot of talks myself; John's enthusiasm and strategic understanding of marketing and business put him right up amongst the best

Ilias Diamantis, Independent Civil Engineering Professional | Diamantis Design

I highly recommend John Colley as a public speaker . Recently I watched him speak at a podcasting conference in Birmingham ( UKPOD 14 ) . His speech was full of valuable information . Many speakers try to kill us with powerpoint , but not John . His presentations are captivating and provide lots of tips , tactics and strategies that you can implement in your business right away

Izabela Russell, Managing Director | Music Radio Creative

We have invited John to give a speech at the podcasting conference (#ukpod14). John didn't fail to deliver. His speech was engaging, full of brilliant content and to the point. Through the whole process John was very professional, punctual and simply a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a great speaker - John has it all!

Mark Williams, Linkedin Trainer aka Mr Linkedin | ETN Linkedin Training

I have listened to John's podcast for some time and recently had the pleasure of hearing him deliver a speech at the UKPod14 conference where we also chatted briefly afterwards. 
John's talk was carefully planned and expertly delivered providing just the right mix of information, audience participation and engaging stories. I made copious notes and have implemented several of his tips since - very useful. 
I would definitely recommend John as a highly competent and engaging speaker

Helen Harding, Chartered Marketer | Garlen Consulting Limited

John presented a captivating talk at UKPOD14 where he generously shared his wealth of experience and knowledge with the audience - highly recommended!

Rob Cubbon, Owner, Lead Designer and Marketer | Rob Cubbon Limited

I have know John Colley for over a year and I can recommend him whole-heartedly not only a great public speaker but also as an expert in a wide variety of financial and marketing fields. 

John is an expert on M&A, capital raising, angel investing, company sales, etc., as a result of his time in the city and ongoing interest, which is impressive enough. But added to that he also is hugely knowledgable in the modern fields of online promotion, social media, blogging and podcasting which are essential to businesses today. This, as far as I'm concerned, is a fairly unique mix. 

I have seen John talk in conferences as well as in front of a whiteboard in smaller meetings and he is always able to impart his knowledge in an engaging and educative manner. 

I should also say that John has a special interest in online learning and his passion for self-education comes over in his talks

Joseph Bushnell, Internet Marketing Consultant | Joseph Bushnell

I had the pleasure of hearing John speak at UK Podcasters 2014 and his talk was excellent and full of energy. I've implemented the strategies he gave and I'm seeing results already!

Event Appearances (6)

An Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions in the Technology Sector

Microsoft National Channel Conference  Reading, UK


Marketing in the Connected Economy

Salisbury Big Business Event  Salisbury, United Kingdom


Strategic Corporate Research

Falmouth Business School Offsite  Falmouth, United Kingdom


What Venture Capitalists Don't Tell You

Falmouth Business School Offsite  Falmouth, United Kingdom


An Introduction to Social Media Strategy

Help For Heroes Social Media Seminar  Tidworth, Wiltshire, United Kingdom


How to Launch a Podcast Like Tiger Woods

UKPOD14  Birmingham, UK


Sample Talks (1)

Social Media Strategy for Beginners

This talk started life as a 3 hour seminar. In its current form i discuss: > The importance of understanding who your audience are > My Social Media Manifesto > An overview of the Social Media Landscape > Social Media Strategy > Social Media Tools > Some Tips and Tricks. My Online Course version of this talk has been taken by over 2600 students.



  • Keynote
  • Moderator
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Corporate Training


1000 to 7500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee

Courses (7)

Online Sales How To: 8 Step Social Sales Cycle to More Sales

Here's just a taste of what you're about to discover: The Six Core Principles You MUST apply when you create your own Social Sales Cycle How to Design the Six Key elements you need to include in your Product Portfolio The Six Essential Steps you need to take to generate a never ending flood of traffic, sales and income using Social Media.

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Startup Funding: The Secrets to Becoming Investor Ready!

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE SECRETS TO BEING INVESTOR READY? DO YOU WANT TO AVOID THE COMMON PITFALLS AND MISTAKES? TIME IS MONEY AND YOU DON'T GET A SECOND CHANCE WITH AN INVESTOR! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ COMPLETE WITH: A BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE A FINANCIAL PLAN TEMPLATE A DETAILED INVESTOR READINESS CHECKLIST ++++++++++++++++++++ Start Planning for your Funding Round today! Over 27 Lectures and nearly 2 hours of Video Lectures in which I give you detailed actionable instruction on what you need to do and what NOT to do!

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Linkedin The 80:20 Way: How to get the Most out of Linkedin

You will Learn... What Linkedin is and What it can be to YOU! An Understanding of the 10 Core Principles for Success on Linkedin A Detailed Understanding of How to Create Your Profile What is important in your Profile and How to Stand Out The Specific Steps to Growing Your Network on Linkedin About the NEW Publisher Platform The Key Principles of Linkedin Groups How to Grow your Network Strategically through Groups How to Get the Best out of Endorsements and Recommendations 8 Tactics, Tips and Tricks What NOT to Do on Linkedin Seven Simple Things to DO Daily on LinkedIn

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Mergers and Acquisitions DeMystified - How Deals are Done

The Objective of this Course is to introduce you to the Game of "Mergers and Acquisitions"! Well, of course it is not really a game and nor is it a science but a complex art form. I have tried to break it into understandable components to explain it using my Six Minute Strategist Nested Hexagon Methodolody (explained in the Introductory video). The Course comprises 8 Videos. In addition, I have provided some Bonus PDFs for you to understand some of the more complex aspects of the first three Lectures and a Business Analysis Template discussed in the fifth lecture. The Course Videos last a total of 45 Minutes. The Course is structured into 8 Lectures: 1. An Introduction to the Course 2. Part 1 - The M&A Game 3. Part 2 - Sellers 4. Part 3 - Process 5. Part 4 - Critical Issues 6. Part 5 - Business Segmentation 7. Part 6 - Target Identification 8. Wrap Up and Summary

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Udemy Course Design Secrets: Learn What Sells on Udemy!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Over 190 Udemy Course Instructors have Benefited from This Course ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Do you want to know what the most successful Instructors are doing on Udemy? Have you considered the Competition in Your Niche? Do you know how to Structure and Price your Course based on what is actually happening on Udemy? I have made over $4,500 from Just Three Udemy Courses in 10 Months and Made my First $1,000 in my First Three Months - Now I am Using this Data to create MORE COURSES and MORE COURSES = MORE $ALES! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Key to Successful Market Entry is Research! Find out what your Competition is doing and then do some thing more Amazing to make sure your Course stands out! Do you find Udemy's search function difficult to manage? Are you sure you have identified every course related to yours? With this Course you can uncover all the Secrets of how to Create an Amazing Udemy Course and find out... What is selling? Who has the most Students? What Prices are Charged in Your Niche What Keywords are Important? Which Instructors are you going up against? ****************************************************************************************************** "Let me be clear, this course should be commissioned by Udemy and given to all instructors. I am convinced this would serve the students as well as the instructors. If you are an Instructor this will jump start your numbers be it dollars or pupils. This course is like Google Analytics for a web site and without it you are blind. Statistics in graphic form has been very successfully used by Professor Hans Rosling,you can see his presentations on TED. The presentation style is crisp,clear and to the point. Clear statements are made when "opinions" of the presenter are present. Simply brilliant Mr. Colley." Carl Spira ****************************************************************************************************** Take a Detailed Review of the Udemy Course Landscape - Download Every Spreadsheet to do your own analysis! STOP PRESS: New Database Added at March 2014 ****************************************************************************************************** "John, We are blown away by your Course, Well Done!" Alex Mozes, Instructor Liaison, Udemy ****************************************************************

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Startups in Six Simple Steps: learn the Basics in 45 Minutes

This Introductory Course covers 36 Major Issues which are critical to startups. If you are considering a Startup and do not know where to start...start here! I create a 6x6 Matrix of Topics which I describe in brief detail to give you the basics from which to build your knowledge. Through this simple and easy to understand approach, I will discuss the Six Most Important Topics relating to Startups: 1. Market 2. Profit 3. Plan 4. Capital 5. Value 6. Investors I have provided a Video of each Topic, with a downloadable Slide Deck in PDF Format. I also include a PDF at the end with a text summary of all the issues covered so that you have a checklist to take away. ****************************************************************************************************** "Good and Clear Information - It gives you a good idea of what to expect from, when you are creating a new business, doing the start-up process and it's a excellent entry to the course Entrepreneurs Guide to Start-up Funding" Mario Valadas ****************************************************************************************************** The Course should take no more than 45 minutes. If you want to start learning about Startups, this introductory course is simple and straightforward and will introduce you to 36 of the major topics you will need to learn about if you are serious about Startups.

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Social Media Strategy: The Crucial Steps You NEED to Know

Do you find Social Media confusing? Baffling? Irrelevant? If you want to understand how Social Media works and what it can do to help you grow your business then this Course is for you. In a series of short videos (circa 5 minutes each), supported by downloadable PDFs of the Slidedecks, I talk you through Social Media Strategy in a clear, logical and highly structured way. This Course has been distilled from a 3 hour Seminar programme that I teach to give you the essentials of Social Media Strategy in 13 Videos lasting just over 55 minutes. If Social Media is new to you, then this Course will explain many of the concepts and features of Social Media to give you the foundations to establish your own Social Media Strategy.

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