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John Davies - Davies Public Affairs. Santa Barbara, CA, US

John Davies

Founder and CEO | Davies Public Affairs

Santa Barbara, CA, UNITED STATES

One of the nation's most respected communication strategists & an expert on building grassroots public support for controversial issues.





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As one of the nations leading grassroots and community relations strategists, John provides clients with more than 28 years of public affairs expertise backed and a near flawless success rate in navigating and winning approval for controversial projects. John has grown Davies to become one of the nation’s top 25 public relations firms, by applying precise implementation of thoughtful and innovative strategies, compelling messages and flawless execution, thereby changing public perception. Clearly understanding the business of persuasion, John is constantly searching for trends and methods to earn attention and gain influence in today’s complex information-saturated decision-making process.

The growth of Davies into a national powerhouse firm was never the goal, but the by-product of attracting the best talent to provide creative excellence; ensuring clients’ obtain desired results in tough, defining issues. The firm has won hundreds of awards for its campaigns and creative work, including Best Public Affairs Campaign in 2010 by Campaigns & Elections Magazine, and for the last six years has been named the Best Agency to Work For by the Holmes Report. With clients in 47 states Davies has offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Santa Barbara.

John is a sought-after speaker on perception, persuasion, public affairs, and communication tactics. He is a founding board member of a National Bank, has served as Chair of the University of California’s Economic Forecast Project, President of the nation’s largest scholarship foundation, and with a group of friends has been purchasing upper-middle-class homes in South Africa to provide healthcare, education and a bright future to HIV-positive orphans.

Industry Expertise (3)

Public Relations and Communications

Real Estate Dev/Ops

Mining and Metals

Areas of Expertise (7)

Strategic Communications and Grassroots Programs

Building Public Support for Controversial Projects and Issues

Crisis Communications



Public Affairs

Communication Tactics

Education (1)

State University of New York : Journalism , Political Science & Economics 1976

Affiliations (2)

  • Acres of Love
  • Public Affairs Council

Event Appearances (14)

The Art of Crafting and Delivering a Persuasive Message

The Art of Political Campaigning  Washington, D.C.


How to Overcome NIMBY Opponents to Accelerate the Mine Permitting and Siting Process.

Northwest Mining Association Annual Meeting  Reno, NV


Strategic Communications - How to overcome environmentalists, native tribe, and Not-In-My Backyard (NIMBY) Opponents to accelerate the mine permitting and siting process

Montana Mining Association Annual Meeting  Butte, Montana


Waking The Silent Majority: Evaluating How To Practically Transpose Grassroots Industry Support Into Stakeholder Advocacy To Drive Public Acceptance Of Unconventional Oil & Gas Projects

Media & Stakeholder Relations Hydraulic Fracturing Iniative  Houston, TX


How to Win the War on Coal

Spring Coal Forum- American Coal Council  Tampa, FL


Mobilizing the Crowd: Better Grassroots Engagement

AMP Summit 2011  Washington, D.C.


How to Overcome NIMBY Opposition for Storage and Disposal of Fly Ash

World of Coal Ash Conference  Denver, CO


Case Studies of Multidimensional Campaigns

Public Affairs Council- State & Local Government Relations Seminar  Washington, D.C.


How to Combine Sustainability & Green Building Principles with Grassroots Organizing Techniques to Get Controversial Projects Entitled

American Planning Association California Conference  Santa Barbara, CA


How to Overcome NIMBY Opponents to Accelerate the Mine Permitting and Siting Process

Utah Mining Association Annual Convention  Park City, UT


Methods and Tactics: Targeting the Audience

EUCI- Nuclear Power Communication Planning, Policy, & Crisis  Washington, D.C.


How We Can Win The War On Coal

Western Fuels Assocaition Annual Meeting  Westminister, CO


Strategic Communications - How to Overcome Environmentalists, Native Tribe, and Not-In-My Backyard Project Opponents to Accelerate the Permitting Process

Annual Oil Sands & Heavy Oil Technologies  Calgary, AB Canada


Strategic Communications - How to overcome environmentalists, native tribe, and Not-In-My Backyard (NIMBY) Opponents to accelerate the mine permitting and siting process

Wyoming Mining Assocaition Annual Meeting  Cody, Wy


Sample Talks (5)

Methods and Tactics: Targeting the Audience

Managing the Social & Political Impact of a Crisis Learn to uncover public perception & engage in discussions to calm irrational fears & restore public confidence. Managing Language & Conveying the Message Learn to demystify technology & forge messages that are easily understood & believable. Using Social Media Learn to communicate online in a transparent manner to deliver key messages, shape public opinion, rebut scare tactics, build public confidence, & secure advocates.

The Art of Crafting and Delivering a Persuasive Message

As the public is constantly connected & overwhelmed with information, a clear message is more than ever. Discover how to create & deliver a message that inspires & persuades to increase the effectiveness of your lobbying, and grassroots programs. Effect opinion through tested communications techniques such as presenting contrasting options. Find out how to persuade others by being aware of expressions, gestures & tone. Ensure your tactics place you in the offensive, rather than defensive.

How to Overcome NIMBY Opposition for Storage and Disposal of Fly Ash

Learn the psychology of NIMBYs, their value system, their fears & aspirations from one of the nation’s leading communications experts. Almost every proposed fly ash storage facility- landfills or storage ponds- runs into some form of opposition. In today’s highly connected, transparent world, environmental planners & disposal managers must be prepared with a strategic communication & a community relations plan to avoid a controversial, costly, & uncertain public review & siting process.

Telling Your Story

Storytelling is a key strategy for conveying your policy positions. Gain insights on becoming an effective storyteller and capturing the attention of your audience.

Strategic Communications & Grassroots - How to overcome opposition to get controversial projects approved.

John Davies, CEO of Davies Public Affairs and a nationally acclaimed speaker on public persuasion, will use a dynamic multi-media and interactive presentation to discuss how to build public support and overcome opposition to get controversial projects approved in this transparent, 24/7 news cycle, and Internet/social media driven society.



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