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John Doggett - The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business. Austin, TX, US

John Doggett John Doggett

Senior Lecturer, Department of Management | The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business


Global competition, entrepreneurship, energy and sustainability, and corporate strategy


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Global Economic Development International Competition Entrepreneurship U.S./China Trade Energy Jobs and Economic Growth Monetary Policy Business Trends Water Sustainability Leadership and Management


John N. Doggett is a senior business lecturer and an expert media source on stories related to international business growth, global trade, economic growth strategies, energy and water policy, and sustainability. He keeps a close eye on business and leadership news around the world, and is adept at boiling down his insights into sharply focused news bites, making him a favorite source for both on-camera and print/online features.

Doggett is a lawyer, an entrepreneur, an experienced consultant and speaker, and a senior lecturer in the department of management at the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin. He practiced law for seven years in Connecticut and California before going to Harvard to earn his MBA.

He was a competitive strategy and marketing consultant with McKinsey & Company in Washington, DC and Copenhagen, Denmark, and created an international economic development consulting firm that helped governments, private sector organizations, universities and firms in the Eastern Caribbean, Jordan, Ghana, Uganda, Somalia and Tanzania develop and implement strategies to become more market oriented and competitive.

Doggett has been the keynote speaker at more than 70 annual meetings of chamber of commerce, commodity, cooperative, financial and electric utility associations in the United States, Asia and Australia. He has conducted several multi-day strategic planning sessions for corporate boards of directors.

He spends part of each summer and winter teaching courses on entrepreneurship and global competition in Austria, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Doggett regularly leads MBA students on annual two week observation tours of the People's Republic of China and India, and he is the co-author of When We Are the Foreigners: What Chinese Think about Working with Americans (2011).

Doggett created the "From Idea to IPO" workshop series and is the co-founder of the "Idea to Product™ (I2P™)" international commercialization of technology competition.



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Education (3)

Harvard Business School: M.B.A., Business Administration 1981

Yale Law School: J.D., Law 1972

Claremont Men's College: B.A., Arts 1969

Media Appearances (12)

Op-Ed: How Investing in Africa Gives China Advantage Over U.S.

Austin American-Statesman  online


The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders has brought 2,700 Africans to America for six weeks of training at U.S. universities and colleges since 2014. They have participated in programs that help enhance their skills in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, civic leadership and public service.

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Op-Ed: Why American Companies Can’t Trust Alibaba

Fortune  online


When Jack Ma, executive chairman of the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, met with President Donald Trump in January, he made a promise: The online sales platform would give one million U.S. small businesses entrée to the Chinese market

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International teams pitch food, business ideas in food competition

The Daily Texan  online


“I think it’s a great competition,” Doggett said. “The pitches are really important, and I’m really happy that this is yet another thing we’re doing at UT to change the world.”

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Texas businesses see green in prospects for Cuban trade

Mineral Wells Index  online


John Doggett, a specialist in global competition at the University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business, said accessing the communist country's 11 million consumers is an historic opportunity for Texas businesses of all kinds.

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Alibaba IPO Was Test of Whether U.S. Investors Will Take a Chance on the ‘New’ China

Know  online


About 10 years ago, I led a two-week China business observation tour of MBA candidates. One of our first stops was at the headquarters of Alibaba in Hangzhou, China.

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Pinched Consumers Going On Saving Spree, Looking for Deals

Dallas Morning News  online


“This most recent recession was the deepest and longest” since the Great Depression, Doggett said. “We’re looking at a midterm to long-term permanent shift in consumer behavior.”

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Wisconsin Can Compete On the Global Stage

BizTimes  online


“This is the best time to be involved in global trade in the history of the world."

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PODCAST: A higher minimum wage

Market Place  online


Traveling back-and-forth to Mexico to do business means spending time waiting to cross the border and going through customs. "The amount of time you can spend on the Mexican border is not a couple of hours," says John Doggett, who teaches international entrepreneurship at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin. "Sometimes it can be three or four hours, because of traffic or security concerns." And time is money.

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American Airlines and US Airways Merge: Passengers, Watch Out

Forbes  online


Doggett calls US Airways corporate culture “absolutely anti-passenger,” and links it to its acquisition by America West in 2005.

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Drug War Hurts Mexican Business Center's Revival

NPR  radio


Doggett says Monterrey is the most entrepreneurial, business-friendly place in Mexico. But unless they already had a connection to Monterrey, U.S. firms don't want to touch the place.

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Opinion: This Labor Day, let’s celebrate miracle of honest work

East Bay Times  online


In 1882, Peter J. McGuire, a labor union leader, proposed the creation of a “Labor Day” holiday to celebrate and honor the American worker. Today, most Americans have no clue about how much things have changed during the past 150 years.

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Five Years After Going Private, Dell Is Going Public Again

KUT  online


"When a company is publicly traded, it gives the company the ability to offer its existing employees and its new hires stock options," Doggett says. "The question to ask is ... will they return to their old model of making stock options grants for everyone that works for the company or just senior people? My hope is that, yes, they will make it available to everybody who works for the company because that then will make them competitive."

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Sample Talks (1)

Debt, Global Competition and America's Future

The international economic success of countries such as China and India do not necessarily need to be regarded as threats; they can also create opportunities for U.S. companies. For instance, China plans to spend almost $4 trillion on new electrical transmission and distribution equipment between now and 2030. American companies must find a way to compete in that marketplace. One of America’s biggest advantages in the race to catch up to its competitors is its history of innovation and creativity. This will be an important strength in the years ahead, as other nations are ramping up development of emerging technologies. American universities are hotbeds for researching and developing new technologies. The U.S. also has a history of importing talent, as immigrant entrepreneurs have played a vital role in bolstering the technology and manufacturing sectors. And companies such as Apple come out of nowhere seemingly overnight and revolutionize entire industries. “These people are creative,” Doggett says. “And that’s how we compete.”



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Advantage China Frontline


Guided by the firm hand of the government, China has evolved a manufacturing-based development pattern that is more robust and balanced than that of India.

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