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John Gaspari - USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Los Angeles, CA, US

John Gaspari John Gaspari

Adjunct Lecturer and Executive Director, USC Center for Work and Family Life | USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work


Dr. Gaspari provides assistance on personal issues ranging from emotional wellbeing to crisis intervention, as well as workplace matters.






2013 President's Award for Staff Achievement: John Gaspari 2013 President's Staff Award Presentation: John Gaspari USC Center for Work and Family Life



John Gaspari, embodying the heart of USC in leading the university’s landmark Center for Work and Family Life, has become the face of compassion to hundreds of his fellow employees through the services his Center renders. A passionate administrator, John gently works to dispel the stigma associated with asking for help during stressful moments of life, and he is a persistent advocate of ideas that bring healing, hope, and wellness.

John has dramatically increased the number of faculty and staff members who have been able to tap into expert assistance on personal issues ranging from emotional wellbeing to crisis intervention, as well as workplace matters including professional development, conflict management, and productivity. Under his visionary leadership, USC was recently honored by the American Psychological Association as one of only nine organizations nationwide to receive “Best Practices Honors” for programs that meet the unique needs of employees.

John created and oversees USC’s Disaster Mental Health Team, working closely with Keck physicians and emergency personnel to ensure the entire USC community will find the support it needs in the event of a catastrophic event. He excels at building bridges across the university community, including a close collaboration with the School of Social Work that provides invaluable field experience for its students. His heartfelt care and concern for USC’s employees, retirees, and their families is exemplified by his unbounded commitment to shepherd his clients through issues such as emotional trauma, conflict, substance abuse, and other life crises. His selflessness, perseverance, kindness, and guidance are an inspiration to all.

Education (2)

University of Southern California: M.S.W., Industrial Social Work 1988

University of California, Los Angeles: B.A., Analysis and Conservation of Ecosystems 1984

Areas of Expertise (6)

Program Development Mental Health Social Work Education Social Work Work - Life Balance Crisis Management

Industry Expertise (2)

Education/Learning Human Resources

Accomplishments (1)

President’s Award for Staff Achievement, USC (professional)



Media Appearances (3)

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