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John Naples



John Naples brings infectious energy, customized content & practical techniques. Your audience will be challenged, equipped and empowered!






LIVE Sales Training Session



With over 25 years as a corporate executive, consultant, and entrepreneur, John Naples knows how to challenge the status quo, drive performance and help others reach the next level.

John’s presentations are high-energy, direct, and authentic. Whether it’s personal empowerment or practical training, John unveils proven insights and strategies that yield sustainable change and lasting impact.

Equipped with over 350 presentations under his belt, John will introduce practical solutions that will delight, engage, and equip your audience.

John's clients include AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Honeywell, SAIC, Six Flags Theme Parks, Oxford University Press, Evergreen Aviation, Georgia-Pacific, MSA, Sourcfire, El Paso Energy, Surefoot, Access America, and Ingenious Med.

Industry Expertise (10)

Computer Software

Medical Equipment / Supplies / Distribution

Business Supplies/Equipment

Medical Devices

Business Services



IT Services/Consulting

Information Technology and Services


Areas of Expertise (10)

Sales Strategy

Coaching for High Performance

Building A Leadership Culture

Empowerment & Motivation


Garnering Customer Loyalty

Hiring the Best and the Brightest

Building the Entreprenuerial Spirit in Your Organization

Strategic & Tactical Game Planning

Producting & Executing At A Higher Level

Testimonials (3)

Chris Johnson, V.P of National Operations | National HVAC Conference

"We were looking for a speaker who wouldn't just "lecture". We wanted a presentation that was interactive and involved the audience. John nailed it! His personable, engaging, and dynamic vibe made others feel comfortable and willing to participate. His use of self-effacing humor combined with excellent content made the talk both entertaining and enjoyable. John customized the presentation to address our unique challenges, products, and culture. Obviously, we highly recommend him."

Shawn Diamond, Vice President of Sales | National Retail Convention

"We evaluated five other speakers/trainers for our event. We were delighted that John delivered the presentation. It was right on target, inspirational, and pragmatic in every way. We won't hesitate to call John again for future events. He's a very gifted communicator and hit it out of the park for us."

John Riccardi, Regional VP Sales | MSA Annual Conference

"John Naples really delivered for us! We highly recommend him!

Event Appearances (7)

Relationship Selling

RIED Association  Tampa, FL


Management Excellence in the 21st Century

Blue Grace Logistics  Boston, MA


Leadership Essentials

National Association of Travel  Dallas, TX


Chill Out, Have More Free Time, and Get More Done

Southern Wine & Spirits  Oakland, CA


Consultative Selling Strategies

MSA National Sales Conference  Chicago, IL


Transformational Management

BraunAbilty National Sales Meeting  Atlanta, GA


Seven Keys to Peak Performance

Mitchell, International, Annual Conference   San Diego, CA


Sample Talks (5)

The Power of Passion – How Howard Schultz Transformed Starbucks

Passion is the fuel behind any significant endeavor; without it our ability to persevere, focus, and remain energized diminishes greatly. In this talk, we'll take a deep look in to the mind of Howard Schultz, President & Founder, Starbucks. We'll learn how he poured his heart into rebuilding Starbucks to be stronger and brighter. We'll discover his non-conventional view of business, how to transform the leadership culture, and how building a winning team to execute and endure adversity.

Reaching the Next Level - Without Compromising Your Values or Dignity

We've all heard the motivational speeches about success and achievement. The problem is, these speeches often require us to become a "sell out" and compromise our values and/or our dignity. In this powerful, "no-fluff" talk, we'll explore the psychology behind motivation, how to perform more consistently, and 5 ways to redesign your life. We'll show you how to live on purpose and how to be intentional. Best of all, we'll reveal the secrets of reaching the next level, without compromising.

Mastering the Seven Critical Selling Skills

This power presentation unveils the seven critical, repeatable selling skills required to close more profitable business. These universal principles and skills are applicable for selling any product or service. This practical talk introduces strategies and tactics on how to: Develop a Sales Plan, Penetrate New Accounts, Build Strong Trust with Customers, Identify the Real Needs of Your Clients, Present Compelling Client-Centered Solutions, Close the Sales, and Overcome Objections.

Chill Out, Have More Free Time, and Get More Done

Contrary to popular belief, time management is not the answer to greater productivity. The answer is Energy Management. If our energy is managed properly, our productivity will soar, we'll manage our stress better, and we'll have more free time. In this talk, we'll discovery the real time killers, how to get spiritually aligned, how our physiology impacts our ability to execute, and how to use stress for our benefit.

The New Customer Service Paradigm and Why Nordstrom is No Longer #1

We all know that it costs 5 times more money to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. This "brass tacks" talk will introduce new approaches to exceed your customer's expectations and foster loyalty. We'll look at Nordstrom, the paragon of customer service, and how they lost their way - and their #1 ranking. We'll explore the 7 essential steps to transforming your culture into a 5-star customer service organization and how to attract customer-centered team members.



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