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John Ramsey John Ramsey

Life Coach/Speaker | Targeting Excellence


John Ramsey - Mr. Excellence! International Speaker, Coaches clients to help them see the "whole you, the successful you, the you that the C

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an Expectation Of Excellence to your Company or Team

5 Dynamic Steps to Ignite a Fire in your Organization! Average presentation length: 60 -90 minutes "An Expectation of Excellence? 5 Dynamic Steps to Ignite a Fire in your Organization! Answers the age-old question: "What secrets help "5 star" organizations create Top performers. John Ramsey (Aka MR Excellence) provides a comprehensive program based on his work with leading decision-makers, spanning more than two decades This program is designed to help participants: Develop a workplace culture of Excellence Develop servant leadership skills - no matter the position in the organization Embrace change as positive factor Build the Team component as necessary for the success of the entire organization Serve the internal and external "customer"


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